The Bachelorette: Tino Franco spirals after not getting Rachel’s group date rose

Tino Franco
Tino Franco flies off the handle. Pic credit: @tino.360/Instagram

After having a lot of tough moments, and hard weeks, Rachel Recchia has seemed to get back on track.

Her one-on-one date with Zach Shallcross went amazing, and they clearly have a connection both physically and emotionally.

Following her one-on-one with Zach, Rachel took Tino Franco, Aven Jones, Ethan Kang, and Tyler Norris on their group date in Amsterdam.

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However, when Tino’s name was not announced as Rachel’s group date rose recipient, and Tyler’s was, Tino started to lose it.

Before the group date, Bachelor Nation had never seen this side of Tino, as he walked around cursing and talking with a producer.

Tino just couldn’t understand, after the conversation, he and Rachel had during their one-on-one chat during the group date, why he wouldn’t have gotten the rose.

The Bachelorette’s Tino Franco spirals after the group date

After seeing Tyler get the rose instead of him, Tino exclaimed, “I’m at a loss for words. I don’t f—king get it. Like, I hit every point today, [I] had the amazing moments. I mean, we literally were just talking about, like, she feels so strongly for me and I just can’t see something connecting on a deeper level than that.”

Seeing Tino throw his tantrum and go off on a rant had his fellow suitors surprised and annoyed. In fact, one of them called Tino a baby back b***h for how he was acting.

Tino Franco lost it while talking with production and in a confessional

While he talked to a producer, Tino just kept going off as he said, “This is a f**king joke. … It’s just gutting to even think about.”

Later, while in the off-camera confessional, Tino still wasn’t done. He declared, “It really makes me wonder if I am not seeing things clearly. I don’t think she knows how deeply I feel. The fear is that I’m falling really hard for this girl and she’s not – and that never has occurred to me until tonight.”

After the rose ceremony, Rachel ended with four men. Besides Zach and Tyler, she also handed out roses to Aven and Tino.

While Reality Steve has given fans insight on who Rachel ends up with on finale night and whether they leave the show engaged, some viewers don’t like to be spoiled. Those The Bachelorette fans will continue to wonder whether Tino’s temper gets the best of him by the end or if Rachel picks him as her final man.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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