The Bachelorette recap: Episode 5’s biggest WTF moments

Hannah B
Episode 5 had its fair share of WTF moments. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah B is continuing her journey to find love on The Bachelorette and this week’s episode had a few WTF moments that we find are worth highlighting.

We start the episode where we left off last week with the drama between Luke P and Luke S continuing to steal the time away from the other guys.

Luke S decides that he doesn’t want to keep defending himself and the drama with Luke P isn’t why he’s there. He decides to eliminate himself.

Hannah was going to keep Luke S

Luke’s self-elimination provides us with the first WTF moment. As Luke removes himself from the show, Chris Harrison walks into the room and removes a rose. That means that Hannah gave both Luke P and Luke S roses after that dramatic fight!

As Chris Harrison noted on Twitter, he can most certainly give roses, but he can also take them away.

But the WTF moment is really that Hannah wanted to keep both of them after they showed their immature sides — mostly Luke P.

Luke P is a douche canoe

It’s no secret that the guys don’t like Luke P, but one of them actually came up with a nickname. The nickname is “douche canoe” and it started trending on Twitter so fast that we don’t even recall who came up with it.

It’s a nickname we didn’t expect to hear about an adult male trying to find a wife.

Luke P flip-flops — and The Elusive Monster

Speaking of Luke P, he can’t seem to remember what he tells the guys. During the second episode, he told Hannah he was falling in love with her. During Episode 5, he’s questioning whether he really wants to pursue a relationship with her and this is what he needs to figure out.

Our WTF moment comes when producers film Mike reading The Elusive Monster while describing how he doesn’t trust Luke.

Kevin watching Jed and Hannah making out

On the group date, Hannah had lots of fun — with almost everyone. There was lots of kissing and making out, probably because Luke P wasn’t there to break it all up. And while Jed and Hannah were getting hot and heavy in a chair, Kevin walked in on them — and they didn’t even notice!

As he told Jed later, he literally watched them for 15 to 20 seconds before walking away. WTF!

Peter and the pool table

Ah, and Peter tried to get his time with Hannah by asking her to lay down on a pool table so they could make out. Cute? Well, perhaps in theory but it looked awkward and uncomfortable. As one person noted on Twitter, it was cringe-worthy television.

Peter said he had never tried it before and we can tell him that he shouldn’t try it again.

Mike vs. Luke P — and a fireplace

The awkwardness continues between Mike and Luke P. In one scene, the two simply sit by a fireplace, across from one another. Editing at its finest.

Also, Luke P reading his date card out loud by himself just shows how much he’s disliked by the guys.

Luke P’s entire one-on-one date

The fact that Hannah invited him out on a one-on-one date is in itself a WTF moment, but Luke P’s behavior on the date was a complete head-scratcher. Not only did he get super excited about everything, but he also avoided answering many of Hannah’s questions.

When she wanted clarification about his feelings, he noted that “everyone loves me,” claiming that every person he has met has loved him. Awkward!

Hannah got so frustrated that she sought out producers, telling them that she wasn’t sure how to proceed. She ended the conversation by telling him she needed more.

Spaghetti or Mac n’ Cheese

Yup, there are plenty of conversations we don’t see on The Bachelorette, but Hannah got down with the questions this week.

Do you like spaghetti or mac n’ cheese more?

This should also give you an idea of how horrible her date with Luke P was.

That depends, Hannah. Is there garlic bread with the spaghetti?

Just answer the question!

The episode came to an end with Luke P avoiding pretty much every question that Hannah asked him. On their dinner date, she asked him about everything from past relationships to flaws — and Luke’s answer was that he had none.

It was literally the most painful date in Bachelorette history — and we’re on Season 15!

Just to make everything more frustrating, Hannah doesn’t send him home. She chooses not to give him the rose but explains that she wants to get to know him more. She also tells him that this was the worst date on this journey so far.

So, WTF Hannah, why don’t you just send him packing?

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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