The Bachelorette: Rachel Recchia reveals Logan Palmer made her feel like ‘a huge loser’

Rachel Recchia
Rachel Recchia gets emotional again. Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/Instagram

During last week’s episode of The Bachelorette, fans watched as Logan Palmer revealed that he still had feelings for Gabby Windey.

Although he accepted Rachel Recchia’s rose during episode three to join her team of men, he wasn’t sure he could move forward with her without having a conversation with Gabby first.

Last week, viewers watched as Logan accepted Rachel’s last rose to stay on her side.

However, in the latest episode, Logan did make the move to let Rachel know that he wasn’t sure he could continue with her because he still had feelings for Gabby.

He also let Rachel know that he felt like he needed to switch to Gabby’s side of the show and explore any feelings that could possibly be there.

Rightfully so, Rachel was crushed and again felt inadequate, unloved, and unwanted as she sat down for a heart-to-heart with Jesse Palmer.

Logan Palmer revealed to Rachel Recchia that he wanted to switch sides

During last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Logan finally sat down with Rachel and let her know how he felt when it came to her versus Gabby.

Logan stated, “I feel like something’s kind of been holding me back a little bit, a feeling that I’ve kind of been anchored down by. And at the beginning of this journey, first group date going over to your house, you and I shared a real connection. And I also got to talk with Gabby. And me and Gabby also had a strong connection.”

He went on to tell Rachel that on that particular night, he really thought Gabby would be the one giving him a rose, so he’s had a hard time just putting that behind him.

Logan then explained, “And when I read that date card today, I felt that everyone else on that card was sure that you were going to be someone who they could end up with at the end of this. Well, I still had reservations and feelings for Gabby.”

Rachel Recchia reacted to Logan Palmer’s news

After hearing this from Logan, Rachel immediately questioned why he kept accepting so many roses from her, only to hear Logan say he wasn’t completely sure until recently.

Following her conversation with Logan, Rachel seemed to spiral again and emotionally broke down.

She had a conversation with Jesse where he told her that she cannot be the perfect Bachelorette and that there was no playbook for being the lead.

While it seemed to help her a bit, Rachel still decided to cancel her group date with the men.

She said, while crying and talking about her men, “I feel bad that they have to keep dealing with this week after week, but I’m not ready right now to just go on a group date and act like I don’t feel like a huge loser.”

Rachel continued, “The worst part about Logan is the whole time, he was just seeing how far he could get til he could switch to Gabby.”

She wanted to know how many weeks he felt like this and how many weeks he accepted her rose but still wanted Gabby’s instead. Rachel struggled, too, because it’s only two weeks before hometowns, and she should have seven guys there for her only, but now she doesn’t.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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