The Bachelorette: Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey will not be pitted against each other

Gabby Windey & Rachel Recchia
Gabby & Rachel are named the first co-Bachelorettes ever. Pic credit: ABC

As Bachelor Nation alums and fans watched Clayton Echard’s season finale of The Bachelor and After The Final Rose, host Jesse Palmer revealed some news that stunned everyone.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, Clayton’s final two who he sent home on a simultaneous break-up, came out to the hot seat together.

While Jesse talked with the two women, he announced that, for the first time ever, there will be two Bachelorettes for the entire season!

What does this mean for Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia going into the season?

At this time, the only detail that Bachelor Nation knows for sure is that the two women will not be going against each other. Besides that bit of information, there hasn’t been much else revealed yet.

Even Gabby asked on After The Final Rose if they would be dating the same men, as the two women were surprised themselves with the news. But Jesse kind of side-tracked the question and never answered it.

Viewers have no idea how this will work and what will be done to ensure Rachel and Gabby have their own men and don’t have to fight over who to date.

Gabby said during an interview on Good Morning America after being asked the question on how this process is going to work, “Everyone keeps asking … We just got thrown in. But I have faith and a lot of trust and I love Rachel to death and I know we’re gonna have each other’s backs the whole way, so there’s really not a doubt in my mind that it’s gonna end up well.”

What did Gabby and Rachel each have to say when they confronted Clayton?

Both women had the chance to talk with Clayton in the hot seat on After The Final Rose and confront him face-to-face.

Rachel, fans could tell, was still very angry and felt betrayed by Clayton’s words and actions. She even went as far as to ask him if he only told her he loved her to sleep with her.

While Clayton denied that, Rachel went on to say that she just didn’t believe him.

Gabby, when she faced Clayton, told him that “she thought he forced the women to vie for his love in a way that felt outside the bounds of a normal Bachelor season.” She also told Clayton that she felt he was “pitting” her and Rachel against each other like it was a competition to him.

More about the co-Bachelorettes who are about to set foot on this journey

Rachel, a cheerleader and graduate of Ohio University, is now a pilot from Clermont, Florida. Her likes include Hot Cheetos, Chicago Cubs baseball, and Harry Potter.

Gabby, who is currently an ICU nurse, lives in Denver, Colorado. Like Rachel, she was also involved in cheerleading, but as a Denver Broncos cheerleader. In fact, in 2021, “she became the first woman to win the Pop Warner Humanitarian Award, which is usually given to football players.” Gabby has also dated Dean Unglert, former The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise contestant.

Bachelor Nation is definitely rooting for these two women after they had their hearts broken by Clayton Echard in a very unconventional way.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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