The Bachelorette overnight dates: One man doesn’t get to see the fantasy suite [Spoiler]

Rebecca Kufrin The Bachelorette
Rebecca Kufrin gets to know the men even better after the fantasy suite dates 

The Bachelorette is back with a new episode tonight and fans are eager to tune in to see who Becca Kufrin picks to move on. Now, she’s down to the fantasy suite dates, which means there are three guys left to choose from.

Usually, the Bachelorette or Bachelor will head into the fantasy suite dates with all the contestants left to see if there is a connection away from the cameras. While sex isn’t usually discussed on the show, there’s a general understanding that this date is for personal exploration, sex, and more personal talks.

But based on some spoilers from Reality Steve, it sounds like Becca Kufrin will send someone home before they even get to the fantasy suite date. Reality Steve is now reporting that Blake and Garrett will get their fantasy suite dates and spend some quality time with Becca.

It’s bad news for Jason, who will be reportedly be sent home during the date, which means he won’t get to see the fantasy suite. It’s uncertain whether she reads out the invitation with the room key and then declines, but it sounds like she doesn’t see the relationship on the same level as the other two.

Reality Steve also reveals that Jason shows up later on during the episode with some personal belongings, including some scrapbook of notes. Fans have already seen her break down on television, saying she did exactly what Arie had done to her.

However, it isn’t known whether she’s referring to this scene, as she sends Jason home even though he feels they have a strong connection. During the hometown dates, she did reveal that she had some questions about his feelings, so it may not come as a big surprise that he’s being sent home right now.

Jason even admitted he had held back. But could he come back as The Bachelor next season to find love?

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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