The Bachelorette: Nate Mitchell reveals his thoughts on the speedo pageant

Nate Mitchell
Nate Mitchell talks about the speedo pageant. Pic credit: ABC

This season on The Bachelorette, co-leads Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia aren’t messing around.

While the two are having fun going through their journeys together, they are also not putting up with nonsense either.

After making up their own rules as they go, the two women make it a point to show all of their suitors that they are there for love and to find their person.

This past week, though, the women were also all about having a little fun as they had a surprise in store for the men in the mansion.

Rachel and Gabby decided a speedo pageant was in order and had a couple of boxes sent to the guys.

As they opened them up, the smallest pairs of speedos could be seen. The men were told they would be modeling them and putting on a sort of talent show. While some of the men were excited, others were terrified and nervous about being almost naked on public television.

Nate Mitchell reveals how he felt about the speedo pageant

One of the contestants, Nate Mitchell, appeared as a guest on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young to talk about the pageant.

Nate was awarded Gabby’s first one-on-one date, and it was there that fans fell in love with him.

When asked about modeling a speedo in front of America, Nate said at first he couldn’t believe what he was about to do and wasn’t exactly happy about it.

He stated, “When they brought that bag of speedos out, I thought there was no way. I looked over at Jordan V., who was sitting next to me, and we were just sweating bullets. His face turned bloodshot red and my stomach felt ready to throw up. When the first thing they pulled out was a shoestring, I could’ve fainted.”

Nate then relayed that the group of men decided everyone was in the same boat, so they were all good sports about it.

He went on to say, “Everybody had that ‘h**l, no’ moment in the back of their mind, but then there were those few guys who were so eager to do it. The group just collectively decided to support each other and just do it. We knew we would have to step out of our comfort zones on this journey, so we just wanted to be good sports.”

Nate revealed it was actually kind of empowering

Nate then told Becca and Michelle that in the end, it was pretty empowering to get through it all together as a group. He claimed, “We actually did it and didn’t die.”

When the co-hosts asked how he felt about his family tuning in to the episode and watching the speedo pageant, Nate exclaimed, “I actually banned my family from watching it. I was like, ‘You can watch anything else, but this part just skip or fast-forward. You don’t need to see it.”

For the entire podcast episode of Bachelor Happy Hour with Nate, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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