The Bachelorette: Michelle Young reacts to comment she wasn’t Nayte Olukoya’s type

Michelle Young
Michelle Young speaks out about a comment made. Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

Michelle Young has gone through many changes in her life lately, including taking a step back from teaching, moving to Los Angeles, and her breakup from Nayte Olukoya.

The former Bachelorette chose Nayte as her winner on her season of The Bachelorette, but some viewers think she made the wrong choice.

As news of Michelle and Nayte’s breakup hit social media, viewers speculated about what could have gone wrong between the couple.

However, some viewers think they know why the twosome didn’t work out and have had no problems sharing their thoughts and opinions.

Since their split about three months ago, some fans think they have a theory on why Nayte and Michelle just didn’t make it.

One TikToker shared this theory as she revealed what she feels is why Nayte and Michelle were not suitable for each other, and Michelle clapped back.

A TikTok user speculated why Nayte Olukoya was wrong for Michelle Young

One TikToker named Olivia Layne shared her thoughts on the Michelle and Nayte breakup after seeing a video on her “For You Page” that another creator had put there.

Olivia stated how this video talked about why Nayte and Michelle were wrong for each other and would never last as a couple.

The video claimed, “Because Michelle is not Nayte’s type, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with looks because Michelle is stunning, but a lot of leads don’t go for the person that’s actually the best for them.”

The TikToker explained, “Instead, they go for the hottest person in the room, or the person they feel would be out of their league in real life.”

Michelle talked while she was the Bachelorette about how she was never the popular girl growing up, and as she went through middle school and high school, she just wasn’t one of the girls guys flocked to.

It was then said in the TikTok video that Michelle saw her opportunity to have her chance at the hot, cool guy in Nayte Olukoya and was living out her teenage fantasies by choosing him in the end.

Michelle Young reacted to the TikTok

After seeing the video herself, Michelle had something to say about it and to the users who were also commenting.

She completely dissed the theory as she sarcastically wrote, “Sooo that was the issue,” complete with an emoji face-palming.

This was after the creator posted, “To be clear! This is not Michelle slander! She’s beautiful, smart, and will find her match. Nayte however, was not it.”

Another had also stated, “YES!!! The whole environment is such a fantasy that the leads get lost in it, plus the producers are influencing them sooo much.”

Michelle Young comments on a TikTok video of why she and Nayte didn't make it.
Pic credit: @olivialayne6/TikTok

Once Michelle commented on the video and the theory that she was taking the opportunity to date a guy she had always wanted in Nayte but wasn’t his type, others had more to say.

Bachelor viewers made comments about the theory as well

Others wrote about if things would have been different had Michelle chosen Brandon and not Nayte.

As one user claimed, “Nayte didn’t even seem that into Michelle and it was so heartbreaking because BRANDON was just SO IN LOVE and she should have chosen him,” another agreed and said, “Dying to see how it would’ve gone if Michelle picked Brandon.”

Others want to know how it would have ended if Michelle had chosen Brandon.
Pic credit: @olivialayne6/TikTok

Another also commented that Nayte didn’t seem to want his forever to be with Michelle as the person stated, “yeaaah. i never felt nate was interested in settling down as much as she did. and it felt like he was always saying the perfect thing.”

One more user agreed and exclaimed, “You just summarized something I’ve been thinking for years but didn’t know how to explain!!!!!!!!!”

More users comment on Nayte not being as invested as Michelle.
Pic credit: @olivialayne6/TikTok

Regardless of what viewers are saying about Michelle and Nayte and why they didn’t end up working out as a couple, it seems as if Michelle isn’t quite on board with their opinions and knows that maybe there was more to the story.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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