The Bachelorette men slam Chris and Hayden for skipping Men Tell All

Hayden Markowitz & Chris Austin
Hayden Markowitz & Chris Austin were no-shows at the Men Tell All. Pic credit: @hmarko1221/Instagram; @chrispaustin/Instagram

The much-anticipated Men Tell All episode for this season of The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia finally aired last night.

While many of the men showed up to get in on the action and discussions that occurred, some were noticeably absent.

One of the two that Bachelor Nation hoped would show but didn’t was Chris Austin, who made assumptions about the women in fantasy suites before really even talking to him. This, in turn, got him eliminated early on.

The second man who did not appear with the contestants was Hayden Markowitz, who called Gabby rough around the edges, and then had some rude comments about Rachel after that.

Bachelor viewers were hoping to hear from them, and so were the other male suitors. However, that didn’t stop them from having some things to say about both Chris and Hayden without them there.

Most of the things that were said about the two absent contestants were not very nice either, as the men were not in favor of how they treated both Gabby and Rachel during the show.

Chris Austin did not show up to film the Men Tell All

When Chris was not among the other men, the Bachelorette host, Jesse Palmer, made a joke that he was a no-show due to Rachel and Gabby throwing him out so fast that he was scared to come back.

After that, Alec Garza, spoke up about Chris as he talked about how much of a slob Chris was and that he didn’t really want anything to do with making friends either.

Alec claimed, “Chris was incredibly out of pocket the whole time. …He was trying to control the women. He was condescending. …He looks at things so in his own way, like there’s a right way to do anything, but it’s got to be his way.”

He ended his speech about Chris by stating that he truly thought he was above everyone else there, and that his breath stunk badly.

Spencer Swies took over then as he told the men, Jesse, and the audience that his biggest regret of the whole experience was not putting Chris in his place earlier.

Hayden Markowitz skipped the Men Tell All

While Hayden had some choice words for both Bachelorettes, he tried an apology via social media after his elimination. However, it didn’t get far with Gabby.

Mario Vassall talked how Hayden not showing up for the segment was telling of his character, and he proceeded to call him a coward for not facing the things he said and the women he said them to/about.

Nate Mitchell also had something to say as he stated, “For a man to have to put down a woman to feel like he’s empowered? It’s just not OK. Then if this is how you’re treating Gabby, you don’t deserve Rachel either. So I’m glad that they eventually got rid of him.”

Jacob Rapini also added that he thinks Hayden is a misogynist, meaning he is prejudiced against women. He then made a joke about Hayden and his dog, saying that Hayden is the one who needs to be trained on how to treat women.

Even though Chris and Hayden did not show for the segment, a lot was sorted through during the episode, including the allegations made against Nate and his take on it all.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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