The Bachelorette: Luke explains dramatic ‘I love you’ cliffhanger

Luke reveals why he pulled JoJo aside on tonight's episode of The Bachelorette
Luke reveals why he pulled JoJo aside, in a clip from tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette

There’s just four contestants left on The Bachelorette tonight — and Luke is pulling out all the stops in a bid to go all the way.

Last weeks’ Episode 7 ended with JoJo bawling her eyes out on the airport tarmac after Luke pulled her aside to tell her he loves her, just as she was about to call the first rose.

In a sneak peak preview of tonight’s episode 8 the war vet explains: “I pulled her outside to tell her that I’m in love with her because I am. I hope it’s not too little too late.”

The shock move left the other contestants — Robbie, Jordan and Chase — stunned and looking very uncomfortable as they waited for JoJo to arrive, fearful that he had made her change her mind after she said she was ready to let him go.

As Luke appeared after pulling JoJo aside, Jordan whispered to the others: “Very interesting timing.” Robby acknowledges that the Luke may have swung the outcome, adding: “He’s not leaving.”

He said afterwards: “That was weird. She’s ready to call the first rose and Luke pulls her aside. I was confident going in, but now there’s a chance that she’s changed her mind. That worries me.”

But will it be to late for Luke? And was that the only reason JoJo was left in tears?

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode below, and check out tonight’s episode to find out.

Who’s left in The Bachelorette?

There are just four contestants left on The Bachelorette tonight. They are former swimmer Robby Hayes, ex-pro quaterback Jordan Rodgers, medical sales rep Chase McNary and war vet Luke Pell.

James Taylor and Alex Wotykiw were eliminated last week. There were 26 contestants in total when the series kicked off eight weeks ago.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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