The Bachelorette: Logan Palmer talks about his regrets on the show

Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer talks about regrets from the show. Pic credit: @loganseagull/Instagram

Bachelor Nation watched in shock as Logan Palmer switched from Team Rachel Recchia to Team Gabby Windey and then left due to getting COVID-19.

While fans had their own conspiracy theories on why Logan left the show, some didn’t believe it truly was down to COVID-19, he has since set the record straight.

Now Logan has been asked whether there was anything he would go back and change about the season and if he had any regrets at all.

After watching the show back in real-time with all of Bachelor Nation, Logan has stated that there was something he would do differently.

If he could go back, he would have had a talk way before he did about how he felt about both women.

He also stated that if he had done that earlier on, it could have saved himself and both of the women a lot of difficulties and stress.

Logan Palmer tells viewers what he would have done differently on the show

Logan visited the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast and talked with co-hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, where they asked Logan what he would have changed if he could go back in time.

He stated that he would have said something all the way back at the mansion because that would have saved a lot of things.

Logan declared, “When Rachel offered me the rose after I talked to both of them, I think maybe in hindsight I would pull both of them aside and tell Rachel I am honored and while I do want to explore something with her, I thought Gabby was going to offer me the rose.”

Had he done it then, Logan felt like it would have made a clearer line for the future; instead, things got messier the longer he waited.

The co-hosts asked Logan Palmer why he accepted Rachel Recchia’s last rose

Knowing how he felt, Bryan and Mike then inquired why Logan accepted the last rose that he did from Rachel if he knew he wanted to be with Gabby.

Logan responded by saying, “I didn’t speak up at that rose ceremony because if you remember, that night was already a dumpster fire with what happened with Hayden.”

He then recalled that it was 5 a.m. by that point, and there had already been so many tears that night.

Then, by the time he had rehearsed exactly what to say to both Gabby and Rachel, Jesse Palmer revealed there would be no rose ceremony that night. Despite going over what to say to the women for two hours, Logan didn’t have the chance that night.

Logan Palmer then explained what went through his head at that last rose ceremony

When Logan did accept Rachel’s rose, even though he knew he shouldn’t and wanted to switch to Gabby’s side, he told the co-hosts and listeners that he really had three choices.

The first thing he could have done was to deny the rose and make the night worse for everyone than it had already been, especially Rachel.

Second, he could have just left and self-eliminated, saying it was too much. Third, Logan could take the rose and then talk to Rachel the next day.

He ultimately decided to go with choice number three, which in real-time, was only a few hours between him accepting the rose and then going to talk to Rachel.

For the full Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast and Logan Palmer, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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