The Bachelorette: Logan Palmer reveals information about his abrupt exit

Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer addresses his exit. Pic credit: @ABC

Logan Palmer has made a name for himself during this season of The Bachelorette with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

In the beginning, Logan seemed to have a strong connection with both Gabby and Rachel as he kissed both women in the first weeks.

However, after Gabby and Rachel talked about which men they were interested in, Gabby backed off when Rachel told her she was really into Logan. Although Gabby also felt a spark, she had said it wasn’t worth risking their friendship.

Once the men were divided into teams based on the two women, Logan was with Rachel and the rest of her guys. However, Logan couldn’t get over the fact that his mind was constantly with Gabby.

After some controversy and Logan ultimately switching sides, he and Gabby resumed the connection they had before.

Unfortunately, though, Logan somehow contracted COVID-19, and host, Jesse Palmer, delivered the news to Gabby that Logan had to leave the show immediately.

Logan Palmer talks about his experience on The Bachelorette

On his Instagram account, Logan relayed some thoughts about his experience on the show and how grateful he was for the chance.

Logan started his post by saying that he thought getting the opportunity to go on the show would be adventurous and a good experience.

While it was both of those, he also declared, “I came out of this with real feelings, strong emotions, lessons learned, and a lot to be grateful for.”

He continued stating how strong and patient both Gabby and Rachel were with him on the show.

While he apologized to Rachel for making her journey more difficult and challenging by changing sides, he also thanked Gabby for taking a chance on allowing him to get to know her more.

Logan also said that while him getting COVID-19 got in the way of them connecting and moving forward in their relationship, he is a better guy because of her, the experience, and the journey.

Logan Palmer discusses his mental health

As Logan talked about watching himself on television as the show aired back, he stated that he was given a new perspective on life and himself as a person.

Logan claimed that he tends to lead with his heart, which he will continue to do, but he also claimed he wants to begin leading his life with more purpose and the intention to pursue what he sets his mind to.

In the past, Logan said he has struggled with his mental health; in fact, it started when he was a pre-teen at age 12.

Because of that, he felt the experience was more challenging than he imagined it would be, as he stated, “Destructive thoughts and constant doubt are hurdles that I think everyone relates to at some point but not everyone talks about.”

He went on to say, “I want to be transparent about that part of my journey too, and I hope I can be a safe place for others who struggle with it. Acknowledging my mental health and how it affects those around me will be a priority in my life moving forward.”

As Logan wrapped up his heartfelt message after the filmed episode of him leaving, he ended his note by saying, “It wasn’t all roses, but I am grateful for it all.”

Now that Gabby has only three men left, Bachelor Nation is anxious to see if she ends up with Jason Alabaster, Johnny DePhillipo, Erich Schwer, or no one.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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