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The Bachelorette: Katie Thurston & Blake Moynes share the cute nicknames they already call each other

katie thurston blake moynes
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have moved forward in their relationship and created pet names for one another. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have definitely moved out of the friend zone as they enjoy a public life as an engaged couple.

The duo has already created pet names for one another.

Katie and Blake announced their engagement on the finale of the 17th season of ABC’s The Bachelorette after the Washington state native followed her heart and chose the wildlife manager to be her one and only.

This came after a season of twists and turns where Katie eliminated men she felt were not on the same path as she while others took themselves out of the competition for a myriad of personal reasons.

Katie told Blake ahead of his proposal, “The night you told me you loved me changed my life forever. You have made me the happiest woman alive, and in a world of change, I want to be your constant; I’ll love you today, tomorrow, and forever, and I can’t wait for our adventure to begin.”

“It’s easy to look around and feel like we’re dreaming and living out what is basically a fairytale. I knew the moment you first met me, and you called me trouble,” Blake said. “I know how great of a wife you’ll be, how great of a mother you’ll be. I can’t give you what you came here for because you deserve a lot more than that,” he claimed before he got down on one knee to propose. 

Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston reveal their pet names for one another

As their relationship with one another has evolved, Katie and Blake have adopted pet names. These endearments keep them connected in a special way to each other.

In an Instagram post dated August 10, Katie called Blake “honey bear.”

In a series of two images seen below, Katie and Blake celebrated his birthday.

“I couldn’t ask for a better partner. You are kind, patient, understanding, and your advocacy for the planet and animals is remarkable. I’m so lucky to call you my fiancé,” Katie penned.

Blake shared his own photograph of him and his main squeeze as they kissed.

“You’re a rock. My rock. A mature, nurturing, supportive & loving partner who continues to impress me every day. We have an adventure called life ahead of us, and I hope you know I’ll do everything I can to help, push and encourage you to make the most of every little bit of it!” he penned.

Blake then revealed he calls Katie “buggy.”

After the Final Rose what happens next for Blake and Katie?

After Katie presented Blake with her final rose of the season, the couple said they looked forward to creating a new life together.

In an interview with The Seattle Times, Katie revealed that she and Blake would move to San Diego, California.

“For me, it’s the sun. People from Seattle can relate! I’ve been living in Washington my whole life, and now I have the freedom to move somewhere else with a year of sunshine. It does something to your mood, and to leave the nest,” she said.

Katie also had words of advice for her successor, Michelle Young, who has already begun filming her season of The Bachelorette, which will air in October.

“Get to know every single guy. Some people are quick to be drawn to one type of person, but you learn a lot about yourself. You might fall for the ones you wouldn’t have given a chance. You have to stay open. That’s what I did until the very end,” she advised.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.