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The Bachelorette: Greg Grippo’s sister slams Katie Thurston following meme drama

Greg Grippo films for The Bachelorette
Greg Grippo’s sister comes to her brother’s defense and slams Katie Thurston after she liked a meme dissing Greg. Pic credit: ABC

Greg Grippo’s sister, Samantha Collova, weighs in on the recent social media drama surrounding her brother and Katie Thurston.

Even though Greg is a clear frontrunner on the show, Bachelorette fans are starting to think that things didn’t end well between Greg and Katie after she liked an Instagram meme roasting him.

Greg’s sister wasn’t having any slander of her brother, especially coming from Katie.

In a since deleted comment, Greg’s sister took to that same post to slam Katie.

“@thekatiethurston likes this post but was such a supporter of removing the toxicity and mean girls when she was on Matt’s season, you’d think if those intentions when [SIC] genuine she’d had just as much of an issue with this post as well,” Samantha wrote. “Really disappointed in this.”

Katie didn’t have a chance to respond to Samantha’s comment, but it would have been interesting if Katie replied with her own comeback or if she would’ve just kept quiet as to not spoil how The Bachelorette potentially goes.

Greg Grippo's sister comments on a meme
Pic credit: @chattybroads/Instagram

What did the post dissing Greg say?

Katie Thurston is certainly social media savvy and has been teasing fans with her ambiguous posts as The Bachelorette airs.

However, she may have slipped up when she liked a post calling out Greg for potentially not being there for the right reasons.

The post was created by Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez’s podcast Chatty Broads.

The picture on the meme showed Greg looking exasperated as he rubs his forehead.

The meme riffed on how Greg has a background in acting and how many people who are striving to make it in the entertainment world go on The Bachelor for fame.

“When the guy next to you is getting interrogated about wanting to be the bachelor and you’ve gotta pretend to be disgusted while hiding your acting career aspirations,” the meme was captioned.

Katie has since unliked the post but not before Bachelor Nation was able to notice and spread the news.

Following all the drama, Bekah has taken to the comments section to share that she wasn’t making official accusations and was just messing around.


Bekah Martinez comments on her podcast's Insta post
Pic credit: @chattybroads/Instagram

The Bachelorette rumors claim Greg breaks Katie’s heart

One Bachelorette fan claimed to have inside intel that Katie falls in love with Greg but he leaves the show sometime from the final four and on, thus breaking Katie’s heart.

While the user couldn’t cite their source, some fans agree that the season is looking to head in that direction.

The user also claimed to have known who wins, and that prediction can be found here.

Bachelorette viewers will just have to wait for the show to progress to find out themselves.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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