The Bachelorette frontrunners: Here’s which ladies are in the running to be the next lead

The Next Bachelorette contestants
Production is putting feelers out for who would be the best Bachelorette for next season. Pic credit: ABC

While Bachelor Nation and production have not yet announced who the next Bachelorette will be, there is speculation on which woman will be chosen.

While the obvious first three options are the women still vying for Clayton’s final rose, Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, or Susie Evans, the franchise has its eyes on some others as well, specifically six other women, all from this season or Peter Weber’s season.

Who are the other women getting Bachelorette looks from Clayton’s season?

Alongside Rachel, Gabby, and Susie, four other women from Clayton’s season of The Bachelor are getting a possible look. Serene Russell, who was eliminated after hometowns, and Teddi Wright, who received Clayton’s first impression rose. Both of these women said they were open to possibly becoming the next Bachelorette.

Genevieve Paris’s name has also circulated. Genevieve did state, however, that while she’d love to go on Paradise, ‘the Bachelorette gig probably isn’t in her future.’

Sarah Hamrick would be the youngest of these women if chosen as The Bachelorette. She ended up being eliminated based on her over-confidence and alleged ingenuity. She had some controversy with Mara Agrait over their ages as well. At this time, Sarah is unsure whether she would accept the offer or not.

Which two women from The Bachelor Season 24 could become the Bachelorette?

Besides those seven prospects, two other women from past seasons are also getting some attention.

Natasha Parker was on Season 24 of The Bachelor with Peter Weber, as well as Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, where she confronted Brendan Morais for just keeping her around until Pieper James got there.

Natasha is also currently a co-host on the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, alongside Joe Amabile and Tia Booth. As a 33-year-old woman, Natasha would be the oldest of the options, which might satisfy those fans who would like to see an older, more mature woman in the leading role.

The last woman who has supposedly been approached to possibly become the next Bachelorette is Kelley Flanagan, also a former contestant from Peter’s season of The Bachelor.

Furthermore, Kelley has the most social media followers of any woman on this potential list. While Kelley was sent home before hometowns, she and Peter did end up dating during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, their relationship didn’t work out in the long run.

Who would make the best Bachelorette? Will producers choose someone whom the majority of Bachelor Nation wants as the next leading woman? Or will they go against the norm again as they did with this season’s Bachelor, Clayton?

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

Rachel Recchia for Bachelorette, we don’t want those old ones, any of the last 3 of Clayton’s season, if Rachel is not avilable. Susie Evans, maybe. She will have her chance to get engaged, but she wont’ accept it , so this is why it needs to be one of the others. Not Teddie she won’t be that good. Kelley Flanagan a no, people don’t like her.

2 years ago


2 years ago

There actually is no second to Susie ..She has class and is beautiful..Who cares about Gabby or Rachel, classless like Clayton., they are not even attractive.just more boring plain janes…Nobody likes Kelly. she only had followers because she was dating Peter after he screwed up for the millionth time people wanted to see if he was going to ever end up not a loser.. Not because Kelly is so great she was now a 2x loser and the mentality of this show is lets get another loser and how about a 2x loser.. Real people who attract alot of followers are Dean and Caylyn or Ashley and Jared.from the bachelor. Susie is a star.and its time the bachelor or bachelorette get a real star and not try to keep recycle the losers.use a real stand out like Susie instead of trying to push a bunch of nobodys trying to carry the show as they have done in about at least the last 4 shows No one with presents or anyone to get interested in ..Get someone that people will be interested in or this show is just going to keep declining…Jessie Palmer is no great addition just another recycled loser who is busting out of his personality., Why didn’t they use Wills or gorgeous Dean or host the show..Now people will tune in just to see them..Stop making the show about a bunch of rejects and use your real Aces. Like the men I mentioned.