The Bachelorette fans react to host Jesse Palmer’s heart to heart talk with Rachel Recchia

Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer sits down with Rachel Recchia. Pic. credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey have had their share of difficulties already on this season of The Bachelorette.

However, while it seems like Gabby has settled in with her male suitors, Rachel has appeared to have more trouble.

After being rejected by three of the men during the rose ceremony where she and Gabby decided to break the group into Gabby’s men and Rachel’s men, Rachel was humiliated and devastated.

Since then, she has had some trouble feeling wanted and loved by the men, especially when she sat in on Gabby’s group date and saw how her guys seemingly adored her and wanted her attention.

Then, after last night’s episode, when Logan Palmer revealed to her that he wanted to switch over to Gabby’s side because he felt a deeper connection to her, Rachel broke down yet again.

Host Jesse Palmer sat down with Rachel and talked through her feelings and emotions after she felt like she wanted to just quit and leave the show.

Jesse Palmer has a heart-to-heart with Rachel Recchia

Sitting down with Rachel, Jesse asked her to talk to him and let him in on what she was feeling and what was going on.

After Rachel told him she felt like she was “getting dealt really bad cards,” Jesse explained to her, “You cannot be the perfect Bachelorette.”

Jesse went on to tell Rachel, “I wanted to be the perfect Bachelor. It’s impossible, Rachel. There’s no playbook for this thing.”

After Rachel said she wishes there was a playbook for the show and being a lead, Jesse agreed with her. He then said he would give her his if there was such a thing.

This got a laugh out of Rachel before Jesse revealed to her that her guys were in town and wanted to know what Rachel was feeling and what she wanted to do.

He ended up meeting Rachel’s men and letting them know that her group date had been canceled because Rachel was not feeling up to it.

Bachelor Nation reacts to Jesse Palmer’s words of wisdom for Rachel Recchia

While @bacheloretteabc captioned the talk by saying, “This heart-to-heart means everything to us. [red heart] #TheBachelorette,” Jesse Palmer himself and others responded to the video clip.

After Jesse tagged Rachel and added three red hearts, another fan tagged him and wrote, “you’re doing a really great job! Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing more of you as a host!!! #teamrachel&gabby.”

Rachel also commented on the post and added, “@jessepalmer you’re the best,” and another viewer chimed in, saying they were glad they showed this talk between Jesse and Rachel.

Jesse and Rachel truly had the best discussion.
Pic credit: @bacheloretteabc/Instagram

Two other viewers made comments on the video as well.

One fan declared, “Jesse is doing a nice job but’s not even about being ‘perfect’ it’s about it only takes one, focus on who you do have a connection with and not the one guy who switched. And even more pointed pep talk is needed.”

Another woman claimed, “Jesse is really coming into his own as the host! Very sweet!”

Other fans love Jesse as the host.
Pic credit: @bacheloretteabc/Instagram

While some fans were skeptical about keeping Jesse Palmer on as the host of all three franchise shows, especially The Bachelorette with the women leads, it seems as if he is truly there for the leads and wants what is best for them.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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