The Bachelorette: Fans discuss their thoughts on Nate Mitchell after the Men Tell All

Nate Mitchell
Viewers talk about Nate Mitchell. Pic credit: @nate_mitchell12/Instagram

Nate Mitchell has been the talk of Bachelor Nation quite often lately, and not all of it has been positive.

After alleged claims that Nate was dating two women at once, talk of infidelity, and also one of the women saying he hid the fact that he had a daughter, Nate has been in the hot seat, literally.

At the Men Tell All, Nate had the chance to tell his side of the story. While he did admit to some of it, fans have been talking about how they feel about Nate now.

While some fans appreciated Nate’s honesty when he sat in the hot seat on the show, others still couldn’t quite get behind him.

Some viewers respected his choice not to put his daughter in the equation if he didn’t feel the relationship with the woman was serious, but others felt like a year and a half is a long time to keep that to himself.

Moreover, a handful of people thought he was able to prep before the Men Tell All to give the answers he wanted viewers to hear.

Viewers are torn on how they felt about Nate Mitchell after Men Tell All

On Reddit, one user wanted to know how people felt about the whole Nate scandal and wanted to know if people felt the same way as they did. This viewer said that after the Men Tell All, they had a new respect for Nate and asked if they were crazy for still liking him.

One viewer wanted to know how fans felt about Nate Mitchell after the Men Tell All.
Pic credit: @u/kattrapp/Reddit

One person felt like Nate redeemed himself after watching the Men Tell All segment and mentioned that the woman he was dating must have wanted some attention, and she got that by outing Nate.

Another saw both sides, as the user felt like he had the choice on when, and if, he brought his child into the equation; however, the same person believed that dating someone that long and not mentioning the fact that he is a dad was not ok.

Yet one more viewer thought that perhaps it was easier to tell the woman he was cheating with because she was in a long-distance relationship.

Fans are torn on how to feel about Nate.
Pic credit: @u/kattrapp/Reddit

Still, another user brought up the fact that they would have wanted to know that Nate was a dad because that’s a huge part of someone’s life. They went on to state, “I would probably feel either duped or as if our relationship was not valuable if a guy kept that information from me.”

One user felt they would feel lied to if someone they dated hid the fact that he was a dad.
Pic credit: @u/kattrapp/Reddit

Other people felt Nate Mitchell was full of red flags

One person said that they just weren’t sure how to feel about Nate because outwardly, he seemed genuine and kind; thus, they still wanted to like him.

However, the same viewer stated, “I think the kid story is a red flag. Not because keeping your kid a secret is inherently wrong, but because he would have had to do a lot of lying to avoid talking about it.”

One thought Nate's story had a lot of red flags about it.
Pic credit: @u/kattrapp/Reddit

Others even felt like he was prepped on what the questions would be and had time to formulate responses before sitting in the hot seat.

One claimed, “Completely coached on how to act and what to say. Clearly was told of the questions beforehand so he could practice his answers.”

Another declared, “Sounded like excuses to me… He was making excuses and trying to look good, and that’s it.”

Some thought Nate was coached before answering questions.
Pic credit: @u/kattrapp/Reddit

Whether or not Nate was truly genuine, or if he put on an act, no one really knows except for Nate himself. However, Bachelor Nation seems to have their own thoughts and opinions on the matter, and they definitely vary from person to person.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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