The Bachelorette: Fans are upset this storyline about Tino Franco was not aired

Tino Franco
Tino Franco shows his charitable side. Pic credit: @tino.360/Instagram

Tino Franco has gone from fan favorite to being questioned for his pouting behavior on this season of The Bachelorette.

As he continues vying for Rachel Recchia’s heart on the show, he has also been in the spotlight the past week for how his parents intimidated and treated Rachel on his hometown visit.

While fans have seen Tino throwing a fit, and his parents talking rudely to Rachel, they haven’t seen Tino’s charitable work.

As a sixth grader, Tino and his family learned that his little brother, Mateo, then seven-years-old, had leukemia.

Since then, he has volunteered much of his time at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times.

However, none of this information has been conveyed to fans when giving Tino air time on the show this season, which has some fans up in arms.

Some Bachelor fans upset Tino’s charity work has not aired

On a Bachelor subreddit, some fans discussed how information about Tino’s charity work has not aired.

One user commented that they could see where Tino’s parents were coming from a little bit more now that they knew the back story about Tino’s childhood.

They also, though, stated, “Also Tino seems like an overly intense puppy, maybe not ready for marriage, but maybe fun and trainable… “

Others were just excited to see some love given to Tino, but one user declared, “I’m very confused by this comments section… like it’s nice that Tino has a cause he’s committed to….. but it has nothing to do with what he’s gotten criticism for on the show, nor does it change how cold his parents were during hometowns?”

Fans are glad to see Tino Franco shown some love but are also saying it doesn't give his parents the right to treat Rachel the way they did.
Pic credit: u/withanH/Reddit

Still, another was blunt about how they kept this information from Bachelor Nation during the airing of the show.

This fan stated, “I thought they would mention about this after Rachel told him mom that she thinks it’s admirable that he donates blood but nope. They really don’t want you to know any of these contestants.”

Fans don't know why production didn't air any of this.
Pic credit: u/withanH/Reddit

Another viewer claimed, “This is pretty insightful. Tells us more about who is actually is irl and some of the stress his family has experienced. He’s very clearly committed to this cause and you can see that in his actions supporting it for years. Good for him!”

Other viewers applaud Tino for his work.
Pic credit: u/withanH/Reddit

What is Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times?

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times is a place where kids and the families of those with cancer can go to get away from their treatment and the stress of the disease, and have some fun.

At first, Tino didn’t want to go to the camp because he wanted to ignore the fact that his brother had cancer since it was so hard on him and their family. However, once he went, he couldn’t stay away.

In fact, he has volunteered as a counselor for so many years that he was named the 2019 Hero of the Year for Healing, a fundraiser competition to help out the camp.

As Tino first set a goal of raising $10,000, he ended the campaign with over $28,000, which made him the winner.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Laurianne Alston
Laurianne Alston
1 year ago

I loved Tino at first and thought rachel should choose him. But not any longer!!! After hometowns, I did NOT like his parents or the way they made Rachel feel SO uncomfortable.
I would not want her to be a part of his family. They were cocky arrogant and rude. She definitely should pick ZACH!!!!! I love him, his emotional maturity & stability, his honesty and genuine attitude, no hidden agendas, , his love for Rachel, his wonderful parents – she’s going to be very regretful if she doesn’t pick Zach. Tino has now come across to me as a bit of a snake, sneaky eyes, and if he takes after his dad, forget it. I got very bad vibes of his dad. Totally inappropriate behavior toward Rachel. and their home appeared very depressing. Zach’s family home was upbeat, lively, just got good vibes all the way around.