The Bachelorette: Christian Smith shares how ‘wicked proud’ he is of Katie Thurston

Christian Smith wears a suit and smiles while sitting on the couch with Katie
Christian Smith adores Katie from the very beginning. Pic credit: ABC

The latest episode of The Bachelorette was one of its deepest and most authentic yet. 

The Bachelor franchise has been encouraged to get more serious and progressive with its approach to love in various ways lately, so fans found it refreshing to see Katie go on such a vulnerable group date 

Along with fans, current Season 17 contestant Christian Smith, voiced his own thoughts about Katie’s courage to open up with both the men and the world about a very difficult moment from her past. 

The mens’ confessions move Katie to share her truth 

During the unique group date, several men from Katie’s season were encouraged by Katie and former Bachelor Nick Viall, to get honest and open about the darker secrets of their past and the ways in which their past actions hurt the women in their life. 

The men weren’t the only ones to bear their souls on the date. After being moved by the men’s emotional confessions, Katie then proceeded to share a confession of her own. 

Before revealing a heartbreaking moment from Katie’s past, she revealed that her secret was one she hadn’t told many people, including her own mother but, with the support of the men and Nick Viall, who helped dream up this group date idea, she took a brave step and opened up.

She went onto to tell the men that a few years back she was involved in a situation where there wasn’t consent.

While Katie is now known for being outspokenly sex-positive, she admitted that she wrestled with an unhealthy outlook on intimacy after being violated. She explained that it took a while for her to overcome the shame and negative feelings she had developed since that traumatic experience. 

Christian Smith calls Katie a hero 

The men all thanked Katie for opening up to them about something so difficult in the group circle, and Christian Smith continued on is his praise for Katie on social media.

In Christian’s recent post, the Bostonian Real Estate Agent stated that “not all heroes wear capes, some wear green dresses” and proceeded to express how “wicked proud” he was of Katie for bravely speaking out about her deeply personal experience. 

Christian was glad to see the brunette Bachelorette lead release the weight of holding that secret for so long and wished Katie nothing but the happiness and support she deserves. 

Christian then extended a cheers to the men in the group who also vulnerably shared their stories, as well as anyone else that is searching for the strength to overcome situations similar to the one Katie went through. 

As Katie’s season continues, Christian is one of the men who remain on the cast. Regardless of if Katie and Christian develop a love story or not, it’s clear that Christian has developed a ton of respect for Katie and her courage. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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