The Bachelor viewers’ reaction after Maria Georgas gets another rose may surprise you

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Maria told Joey that she might not be able to introduce him to her family. Pic credit: ABC

Things got dicey for Maria Georgas this week on The Bachelor when she pulled Joey Graziadei aside.

The pressure of watching him date other women was starting to take hold, and Maria was right on the edge of going home.

During their chat, Maria told Joey that she didn’t want to introduce him to her family, knowing that he was kissing other women after seeing him kiss Jenn made her feel some kind of way.

To that, we must ask — has Maria never seen The Bachelor before?

This is how it goes every single season; without fail, one of the women will get upset about it.

For his part, Joey seemed mostly unfazed, calling Maria out and asking her if her mind was made up. It had a much more detached feel than his previous conversation when Lexi self-eliminated, and it’s hard to put a finger on if it was because this was production-driven or if Joey is just starting not to care.

Either way, it was a huge surprise when Joey offered Maria a rose at the end of the episode, considering how worried he has been about getting to the end with no partner.

But Joey didn’t send Maria home

Since The Bachelor is still in Canada, it would have been a short trip home for Maria after she told Joey she was hesitant to have him meet her family.

So when Joey still offered Maria a rose, her growing fanbase exhaled a huge collective sigh of relief.

Those of us following the spoilers already knew (or at least thought we knew, considering the big surprise change-up that was just revealed about who won).

But those who watched the show unfold organically were clearly on the edge of their seats, wondering if Joey would send Maria packing after she showed even the slightest hint of uncertainty.

Bachelor Nation is mostly relieved to see Maria stick around

Clearly, some Bachelor viewers were a bit shook to see how unaffected Joey was by Maria’s confession. One even took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “bring back the era where Joey was THIS whipped for Maria. I miss them.”

Another agreed, writing, “joey isn’t fighting for maria to stay enough for my liking.”

While Joey may be pulling back a bit, Bachelor Nation clearly isn’t. Maria still has many fans who were so happy to see her stay for another week, especially after that nail-biter conversation with Joey.

One fan wrote, “me if rooting for Maria even when she’s being a little nutty was an award.”

Another Bachelor fan summed it up with this meme: “How I’ll be sleeping tonight knowing Maria made it to hometowns.”

It seems that most viewers are happy to see that we’ll be meeting Maria’s family despite her discomfort as the campaign to make her The Bachelorette lead continues.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Jayne Harvey
Jayne Harvey
1 month ago

Ugh, send Maria home already. She’s beyond ridiculous.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jayne Harvey

Totally agree. She’s so annoying and juvenile