The Bachelor spoilers: What will Kelsey tell Peter?

Kelsey has something she wants to tell Peter. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor returns tonight with a new episode and in a preview published by ABC, it seems that there’s drama lurking.

In a video shared on social media, Kelsey reveals that she has something to tell Peter Weber.

Kelsey doesn’t reveal in the preview what she has on her mind, but the camera captures a few of the women talking about Kelsey, saying that’s having a breakdown and is crying.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case in the clip.

However, it does seem to be an important conversation she’s about to have with Peter.

The Bachelor’s Kelsey has a secret to share with Peter

Kelsey is seen walking to Peter’s house. In a voice-over, she reveals she’s nervous about what the other women think of her.

In that same clip, the women conclude that Kelsey’s behavior is ruining her relationship with Peter and in turn, affecting them as well.

You can see the clip from tonight’s episode below:

The Bachelor sneak peek ends with Kelsey being labeled as nuts and that Peter will send her home if he sees the real Kelsey. When she knocks on Peter’s door, he seems happy to see her.

The Bachelor is packed with drama this season

Since this season of The Bachelor is packed with drama, it’s hard to determine what she wants to talk to Peter about.

It could be about his past decision to bring Alayah back after he had initially sent her home. It could also be that she wants to talk to Peter about some of the other women in the house, as these women tend to warn the lead Bachelor about women they don’t feel are good fits for him.

Or it could be a personal matter. In the past, women have come forward with secrets that they are virgins, that they don’t have a relationship with their parents, or that they are in love with ex-lovers or partners. This show has seen it all, so it’s hard to determine from this clip what the situation is about.

Kelsey has previously had one successful one-on-one date with Peter that went well, but it is possible that she’s having doubts about where they stand.

As Monsters & Critics revealed this weekend, 10 women are sent home this week, so this is an important turning point on Peter’s journey.

The Bachelor airs Monday and Wednesday this week at 8/7c on ABC. 

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