The Bachelor spoilers: Victoria’s ex reportedly performed during date with Peter causing drama

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s romance with Victoria may already be on the rocks. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has been filming the newest season of The Bachelor, and he reportedly had a one-on-one date with a woman named Victoria this week. While he may have seen a connection with her, her past came with her on The Bachelor.

Reality Steve reported that Peter and Victoria had a date, where they saw Chase Rice in concert. As it turns out, she dated Rice before coming on the show, and she wasn’t happy about how he performed for herself and Peter, as they danced and kissed in front of a live audience.

Steve guesses that producers knew they had dated and set it up, so it could become an awkward moment for her. Perhaps, Victoria is already causing some trouble on the show. Maybe the producers wanted to put her in an uncomfortable situation.

Reality Steve reveals she was visibly upset after seeing that her ex-boyfriend would be serenading her and Peter during their date. Peter even talked to Chase first. Chase and Victoria also had a chat — in front of the cameras.

Some fans captured some footage from the date, and it’s clear that she feels uncomfortable.

Victoria reportedly wanted nothing to do with the date, and she couldn’t even look at her ex-boyfriend, who was about to perform and serenade the couple.

After the show was over, she grabbed Peter’s hand and almost ran away from the concert. Surely, Peter understands how awkward everything was for her, but it will be interesting to see how producers handle this storyline.

Maybe Chase Rice will add information about Victoria that will sway Peter’s decision to keep her on the show.

The Bachelor is set to return in January 2020.

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