The Bachelor spoilers: Here’s what order the remaining 10 women go home and who wins

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
Joey Graziadei has some big decisions to make in the second half of his Bachelor season. Pic credit: ABC

We’re hitting the halfway point of Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor.

While most of the 32 women who started Season 28 with Joey have already gone home, we’re getting to the part where many fan favorites start missing out on roses.

There are only 10 women left now, meaning we’ve already said goodbye to 22 hopefuls, with only one self-eliminating this season.

So far, everyone seems to love Joey, from the women left on his season to the viewers who can’t seem to get enough each week as he quickly becomes one of the favorite Bachelor stars of all time.

Thanks to Reality Steve, whose spoilers have been very accurate this season, we know who goes home, who wins, and who will get Joey’s final rose in Season 28.

Read on to see where The Bachelor is headed and who will be with Joey during this international search for love.

Here’s who goes home in the upcoming weeks

Episode 6 will see Joey Graziadei and his Bachelor ladies head to Montreal, Canada. While there, Joey will enjoy a group date with Daisy, Jenn, Jessica, Katelyn, Kelsey A., Lea, Lexi, and Rachel.

The group will head out on a scavenger hunt and then play some hockey. Per Reality Steve’s spoilers, Jess Edwards will be eliminated during the group date and before the rose ceremony.

We’ll also say goodbye to Lexi Young before the rose ceremony. She becomes the second to self-eliminate this season, revealing that her timeline for wanting kids and Joey’s don’t line up.

Maria gets her wish to enjoy a one-on-one date with Joey in Canada — she is Canadian, after all. He also spends time alone with Kelsey T. on a one-on-one date before the rose ceremony.

At the Episode 6 rose ceremony, Joey doesn’t give a rose to Katelyn DeBacker and Lea Cayanan, sending them home. Hopefully, with Jess and Lea gone, we can finally get past the bullying accusations that have taken over the entire first half of the season.

In Episode 7, The Bachelor cast heads to Jasper, Alberta, Canada, where Joey takes Daisy horseback riding for their one-on-one date, then enjoys a polar plunge with Kelsey A. for theirs.

Details about a possible group date and rose ceremony aren’t made clear, but Reality Steve revealed that Jenn Tran and Kelsey T. were sent home.

Joey Graziadei’s final four women on The Bachelor

In Episode 8, we move from four to the final three after Joey enjoys Hometown Dates with Daisy, Maria, Kelsey A., and Rachel Nance.

Joey then whittles his cast down to just three after he sends Maria home in the rose ceremony after Hometown Dates, and it’s time to head to Tulum, Mexico.

While in Mexico, Joey and his final three are headed to Fantasy Suites, something that he’s already admitted he was very careful about as he didn’t want to have to do any explaining to his potential fiancee after they watched this season back.

To make a long story short, Joey gives roses to Daisy and Kelsey A. after the overnight dates, and those two ladies head to the finale while Rachel Nance heads home.

Then, on finale night, despite all the drama and foreshadowing that Joey might end up with no one, the spoilers claim that he gives his final rose to Daisy Kent, who accepts his proposal, and the two are currently engaged.

This will all play out over the course of just over a month, with the Season 28 finale airing on Monday, March 25.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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