The Bachelor spoilers: Clayton Echard’s contestants get physical on a group date in Croatia

Clayton Echard and Teddi Wright
Clayton Echard kisses Teddi Wright in Croatia and tests the rest of his women on a knight-themed group date. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor is going international tonight with a trip to Hvar, Croatia.

Clayton Echard’s contestants are ready to battle over The Bachelor in a group date featuring knights, swords, and quests.

Clayton Echard leads the women on a knight-themed group date in Hvar, Croatia

The Bachelor women are thrilled by the show’s newest location, and appear ready to go all-in on the adventurous group date.

“We are in Croatia! Look at this place!” Mara Agrait gushes. “It’s amazing!”

“Ready for battle, ready to walk the streets of Hvar and serve some looks,” Rachel Recchia added.

Clayton himself also seemed optimistic to be moving ahead after the dramatic two-on-one date sure to open the episode.

“What better place to continue the journey of finding love than in a really beautiful setting like this,” Clayton said. “It’s safe to say that love could be in the air here.”

The Bachelor women get physical on their group date with Clayton Echard

There’s more than love in the air according to a sneak preview posted by The Bachelor ABC Instagram account.

Competition seems to be at an all-time high on a knight-themed group date composed of a set of quests.

“Today I’m gonna go big because I’m sure as h**l not going home,” Mara said. “They all need to step it up. I need some competition if I’m gonna win.” Mara is then shown going full-throttle while pitted against Rachel.

“Oh my god, Mara quit!” Rachel yelled as she was pushed back.

Other women appeared a little more hesitant about the date.

“We see two knights fighting with swords and armor, and I’m like ‘damn! Like this is crazy,’” Susie Evans said.

However, Clayton seems to be having fun with the date as he is shown beaming and leading the astonished women to their first glimpse of two of the knights fighting.

Clayton Echard appears to take Teddi Wright on a one-on-one date in tonight’s episode

In addition to the group date, it appears that fan-favorite Teddi Wright will be getting a one-on-one date with Clayton.

The two are filmed walking with their arms wrapped around one another as they take shelter from the rain by grabbing ice cream together.

Viewers will have to tune in tonight to find out who triumphs on the two-on-one, who gets the coveted group rose date, and if Clayton and Teddi find love in Croatia.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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