The Bachelor shares 33 women joining the cast on social media and we don’t even know who the lead is yet!

The Bachelor Season 26 contestants
ABC has announced the 30 women selected to date the mystery The Bachelor star set to lead Season 26. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 is set to start filming this week, and that means plenty of details are coming out about the season– both official and unofficial.

ABC has officially confirmed the cast of 33 women set to compete in the upcoming season.

However, the franchise hasn’t even made any official announcements about who The Bachelor will be.

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Plenty of spoilers have surfaced about the Bachelor lead being a contestant from Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette.

Her season hasn’t even premiered yet, and this is likely the reason why the franchise isn’t spilling who The Bachelor lead is.

Meet The Bachelor contestants for Season 26

There are 33 contestants who are set to compete in the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

The official Bachelor Facebook page has uploaded pictures, names, and hometowns of the women set to appear on The Bachelor Season 26.

The account captioned the post, “We are giving you an early look at the women who may be on this season of The Bachelor! Leave a [rose emoji] for who would get your first impression rose.”

Most of the contestants are from the United States. However, there is one international contestant.

Eliza I. is from Berlin, Germany.

There are a few contestants that have similar hometowns. Sometimes this leads to the contestants knowing each other from before the show and leads to drama.

For instance, Claire H., Marlena W. and Susie E. are all from Virginia Beach, VA.

Serene R. and Sierra J., meanwhile, are both from Oklahoma City, OK.

The age range of the women is a neat 10 years, from 23-33.

The youngest Bachelor contestant is Sarah H. from South Carolina who is 23. Daria R. from New York and Teddi W. from California follow close behind at 24.

Meanwhile, Jane P. from California is 33 years old.

However, she is joined by Mara A. from New Jersey, Kate G. from Tennessee, Elizabeth C. from Colorado, and Kira M. from North Carolina who are 32.

Bachelor fans have been weighing in on the new potential cast members and based on that, some early fan favorites have emerged.

The cast members who have received over 1.1k likes are Claire H. from Virginia, VA, Eliza I. from Germany, Lindsay D. from Georgia, Lyndsey W. from Texas, and Shanae A. from Ohio

So far, Rianna H. from Texas has the most with 3.7k reacts.

It’s important to note that not all of the women might make the show. Sometimes, scheduling conflicts come up, and especially with an ongoing pandemic, anything could happen.

Take a look at all of the women in the post below.

Who will be the next Bachelor lead?

Even though the next Bachelor lead hasn’t officially been announced yet, spoilers have surfaced as to who he will be.

It was revealed by sources that the next lead would be from Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette.

Reality Steve then revealed that Clayton Echard would be The Bachelor lead.

He also uploaded footage from filming his intro package and him being announced as The Bachelor in his hometown Eureka, MO.

However, it seems that viewers will have to wait until Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette airs to meet Clayton for themselves.

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The Bachelor is on hiatus on ABC.

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