The Bachelor: Sarah Hamrick says that Teddi Wright and Rachel Recchia betrayed her

Sarah Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick outs Rachel Recchia and Teddi Wright. Pic credit: ABC

Sarah Hamrick was eliminated before hometowns after the remaining girls talked with Clayton Echard during their one-on-one times about Sarah’s words and actions.

It seemed that Sarah was going from woman to woman and telling them how strong her relationship was with Clayton, as well as allegedly making up things such as “Clayton had cried with her during their date.”

Per Clayton, this never happened; therefore, he eliminated Sarah on the premise that he couldn’t trust her anymore and questioned her authenticity. But Sarah felt betrayed by these women, especially Teddi Wright and Rachel Recchia.

According to Sarah, she was closest in the house to both Teddi and Rachel, but those feelings may not have been reciprocated after all.

What did Sarah Hamrick say about her friendship with Rachel Recchia and Teddi Wright?

Sarah stated, “I definitely feel betrayed by them. It’s hurtful because throughout our entire time on this season, I was a sounding board for them. They shared good days with me. They shared bad days with me, and they shared tears, laughter.”

She went on to talk about the fact that Rachel and Teddi had also shared intimate details about their dates and conversations with Clayton as well… it wasn’t just Sarah telling them things.

Sarah claimed that Teddi told her Clayton had already talked with her about meeting Teddi’s family, and that Rachel had told her that she and Clayton had discussed her hometown visit. However, at that point, Sarah had not had those same conversations with Clayton.

She made the point to say, “But did I hold that against them? No. Did I come to him about that and say, ‘How dare these women say this to me and make me insecure?’ No, I didn’t say that because the time is already so limited.”

Sarah was shocked that her two supposed best friends in the house would turn on her after she had hugged them, cried with them, celebrated with them, and comforted them over the weeks.

She even revealed that once she had heard they felt “insecure because of my relationship, I came to them specifically and I said, ‘I take accountability for this. I apologize for this. And I want to move forward.’” Teddi and Rachel apparently accepted that apology, and they agreed to move on.

What was the biggest betrayal, according to Sarah?

Sarah went on to say that she felt ignored and shunned in Vienna by the women, specifically Teddi and Rachel, whom she considered her closest friends on the show.

She stated that they still went to Clayton, even after their previous talk, and she felt like that was the hugest betrayal to her and their friendship. Sarah declared, “OK, you guys aren’t actually insecure because of the things that I’m saying, you just see this as an easy way to get me out of the house and boost yourself forward.”

Sarah not only felt betrayed by Teddi and Rachel but she was also duped and fooled by Clayton. Sarah even said that Clayton led her on during the day portion of their date, knowing he was going to drop a bomb on her that evening.

She felt like Clayton hid things from her and blindsided her that night in Croatia after Mara Agrait had talked to Clayton and claimed that Sarah was too young and not ready for marriage. That was why Sarah had labeled Clayton as being “disingenuous” during the Women Tell All segment.

The jury is out among the cast of women, as well as Clayton, on whether or not Sarah was there for the right reasons in the end. Had Sarah been faking her tears and trying to make the remaining women doubt their own relationships with Clayton? Or was Sarah the one who was betrayed in the process?

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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