The Bachelor: Sarah Hamrick says she wishes she would have handled the Mara drama differently

Sarah Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick talks about how she wishes she would have handled things differently with Mara. Pic credit: ABC

Sarah Hamrick and Mara Agrait were both contestants on this season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard as the leading man.

However, both of these women had drama with each other that started with the group date roast over the fact that Sarah was the youngest contestant in the house, and Mara was the oldest. From there, the drama just got worse between the two, and ultimately, it led to both of their eliminations.

Sarah Hamrick talks on a Bachelor podcast about doing things differently with fellow contestant, Mara Agrait

Sarah was recently on the podcast Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation, which is co-hosted by Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo. It was here that she talked about how she would have handled the controversy with Mara differently if she had the chance to go back in time.

After Mara had talked to Clayton about her concerns with Sarah, her young age, how Sarah was acting inside the house, and the fact that she isn’t ready for marriage, Clayton confronted Sarah. After an emotional discussion, Sarah immediately went back to the house and addressed all of the women out of anger.

Sarah said on the podcast that, looking back, she saw how that could have negatively affected her relationships with the other women who had not called her out.

She continued to say, “I do think that a little bit of that anger that I was inevitably giving off affected the other women, and maybe some of the other women took it personally, and were like, ‘Oh, is she mad at me? Is she coming for me?’”

Sarah talked about how if she could go back and change something, she would have pulled Mara off to the side and had a one-on-one talk with her after Mara had verified that it was, indeed her, who had talked to Clayton about Sarah.

She did say, “To be fair, at the time, when Clayton did share this information with me, I actually said, ‘Don’t tell me who said it. I don’t want to sound like we’re sitting here gossiping. I don’t want to talk about someone else. This is between you and I.’”

Sarah also had drama with the final five women in the house

Sarah also had quite a bit of controversy surrounding her and the final five women and how she would go to each of the remaining women, telling them how strong her and Clayton’s relationship was. She would tell the women to guard their hearts and make it seem like that individual woman was her best friend.

However, turns out, she was doing this to five women, not just one. Allegedly, Sarah had a strategy to try to get all of the other women to doubt their own relationships with Clayton so that she could swoop in, be confident, and take home the final rose.

Viewers are curious as to whether Mara and Sarah will sort things out during The Women Tell All episode this coming week…or will the duo be unable to resolve their past issues?

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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