The Bachelor: Reality Steve tweets ‘tomorrow the narrative changes’ after teasing upcoming spoilers

Clayton Echard
Reality Steve hints tomorrow’s episode will change everything. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve released a vague tweet implying that everything in Clayton Echard’s Season of The Bachelor may not be as it seems.

The long-time source of spoilers for Bachelor Nation hinted that tomorrow will bring new insight into how this season all plays out.

Tomorrow’s episode of The Bachelor will air the infamous Fantasy Suite dates and potentially even show the long-awaited scene where Clayton declares his love for the final three women.

Bachelor fans have been slamming Clayton for the move all season long, but a new tweet by Reality Steve might add a different perspective.

Reality Steve revealed the narrative will change tomorrow as he teases upcoming spoilers

“Tomorrow the narrative changes,” Reality Steve wrote.

Reality Steve Tweet
Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

Although the tweet by itself was too vague to draw conclusions from, Reality Steve himself has previously provided context to his claim.

“I’m secure in saying I know how this season ended in Iceland,” he wrote.

However, Reality Steve went on to say that he doesn’t know how exactly everything plays out in order to get to that point.

“I know the format of how it ended and which persons were involved. So here’s what I’m gonna do. Gimmie til next Tuesday (after the WTA airs on Monday), and if I haven’t gotten a better picture of how we get from overnight dates to the finale, I’ll just give you what happens at the end.”

It appears whether or not he learned more of the exact logistics, Reality Steve is still committed to giving fans everything he knows tomorrow.

How will The Bachelor narrative change after Fantasy Suite dates?

Fans took to this Reddit thread to theorize on what exactly Reality Steve meant in his tweet.

One popular suggestion by fans was that Rachel Recchia has been portrayed as a front-runner, however, Clayton could lean toward another woman in the upcoming episodes.

Reddit comment
Pic credit: @workingbach13/Reddit

Another fan suggested that Clayton’s controversial announcement could turn the tables on The Bachelor and leave him without a choice of the women at all.

Reddit comment
Pic credit: @workingbach13/Reddit

Other fans were not impressed by the vague tweet and were convinced that the Fantasy Suites themselves will be what changes the narrative of the show.

Reddit comment
Pic credit: @workingbach13/Reddit

Bachelor producers have previously announced that this season is “spoiler-proof” as it is not over yet.

Viewers will have to tune in tomorrow to see if the Fantasy Suite date episode gives more insight into the finale and who Clayton Echard decides to pick.

The Bachelor Fantasy Suite date episode airs on Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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