The Bachelor: Rachel Recchia’s ex says he has a lawyer and he’s going to be busy

Rachel Recchia
Rachel Recchia’s ex took to Instagram to say he has a lawyer. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Recchia, a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, has been a supposed front-runner in the eyes of fans and Bachelor Nation.

When Rachel had her first one-on-one date with Clayton in Houston, Texas, she opened up about a past relationship and an ex-boyfriend who didn’t support her profession and passion for being a pilot.

What did Rachel Recchia’s ex-boyfriend post on Instagram?

According to a Reddit source, who apparently knows the name of Rachel’s ex-boyfriend (but hasn’t released it), Rachel’s ex took to his own Instagram with words of his own.

He posted the following on a black background, “My lawyer is gonna be busy” and then added in a single red rose after his comment. The biggest questions fans are asking is if Rachel’s ex is going to be busy trying to get his lawyer to sue her?!

What is Rachel’s ex-boyfriend’s name, and what is his Instagram account? Well, no one knows…yet. Surely, in due time, his current anonymity will be revealed by someone who knows him and wants to out the guy.

Viewers and fans of Rachel’s immediately commented on this post and backed Rachel, as they were flabbergasted that her ex would even go public with this comment.

What did Rachel’s fans and Bachelor viewers have to say about this?

Fans had a hay day with Rachel’s ex as they commented that Rachel never even said his name, not once, in her conversation with Clayton. One fan joked that Rachel could say, “‘That ex? No, I was speaking about a different ex.’ Case closed.”

Another commented, “Literally what reason does he have to sue her? His name was never said…and if you wanna sue for defamation I’m pretty sure what was said has to be..idk…untrue…..”

Pic credit: @u/gumby2810/reddit

Thus, fans don’t see what leg Rachel’s ex has to stand on with this one. One, she never revealed his identity, and two, in order to sue, what Rachel said would have to be untrue, which fans don’t seem to believe to be the case.

Two other fans were unimpressed as well as one wrote in and said, “What a jerk!!” While another stated, “And this just calls more negative attention to you, you dummy.”

Pic credit: @u/gumby2810/reddit

That viewer claims that by even going on social media and saying this, Rachel’s anonymous ex-boyfriend just looks even more silly and idiotic.

One viewer declared, “Hope his lawyer charges him for the two hours of Bachelor he had to watch,” and a law student answered with, “Law student here-they absolutely would.”

Oh, the irony of Rachel’s ex-boyfriend’s statement and the fact that he is obviously watching the season of The Bachelor to be able to make these claims… and now that he is paying the lawyer for the time that he had to watch the clips as well.

Still, others couldn’t get over the fact that Rachel never revealed this guy’s name, but found it hilarious that he did it himself. One person said, “Lol she didn’t say his name. Goooooood luck with that,” while the next exclaimed, “Mans revealed himself (with a laughing face emoji).”

Pic credit: @u/gumby2810/reddit

What exactly did Rachel say to The Bachelor, Clayton Echard, on that one-on-one date?

When Rachel and Clayton had sat down to their nightly portion of the one-on-one that night, Clayton made Rachel nervous after telling her he had one question for her that had been on his mind.

Rachel had no clue what he was about to ask and seemed nervous and worried that whatever was about to come out of Clayton’s mouth would be upsetting or damaging. Then, Clayton opened his mouth and asked Rachel why and how she could still be single with how amazing she is as a person.

Rachel, visibly relieved, then went into detail about her ex-boyfriend and how he never supported her career as a pilot and thought she wouldn’t have time for a husband, kids, or a family.

Rachel filled Clayton in on the fact that he “put her in a category of how she would be traveling all the time which must have meant that she would cheat on him, based on the popular belief that pilots are tough to date.”

She went on to tell Clayton that it was “difficult to come home and have no support from someone (she thought she loved)… It showed me that I never ever want to experience love like that again.” Rachel even stated that her ex’s love was “conditional” and not unconditional like a supportive, loving significant other should be.

While Clayton listened in disbelief, he really heard Rachel and validated her not only as a person, but as a career woman and let her know that he would be supportive, loving, and acknowledge her passion for being a pilot, knowing she could be a family and career woman. He proceeded to give Rachel a rose after their conversation. She went on to tell Clayton that she feels she has had to work extra hard because she is a woman in a male-dominated field.

What do viewers think will come of this situation?

It sounds like fans are finding this whole situation humorous, but also imbecilic, and not at the expense of Rachel, but her ex-boyfriend’s. When it comes to her ex’s potential “lawsuit,” it seems to viewers like maybe this is more of a case of jealousy and not a case of defamation of character.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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