The Bachelor: Producers aided in tension as the final three women stayed together during overnight dates

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard’s final three women were forced to stay in the same house during overnights. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard, America’s current Bachelor, is down to his final three women, which also means overnight dates in the fantasy suites.

Usually, the women and Clayton are on their own during this time, staying separate while each of the women goes on their respective one-on-one overnights with Clayton.

However, this time, production has upped the awkwardness as they have kept the women together in the same house as each of them leaves for their fantasy suite dates.

How do the women feel as they are kept together during their overnight dates with Clayton Echard?

According to the preview, it appears that Rachel Recchia was first up for her date, as Susie Evans and Gabby Windey are left behind to talk about their feelings and how they think Rachel’s date went.

Susie and Gabby talk to each other about how hard it is to try and guess what is going on with Rachel and Clayton’s one-on-one time. Susie reveals that it’s hard not to assume what might be happening between the two of them.

The preview shows Susie wondering what happens on their date and whether they were intimate. She goes on to say that he may even tell Rachel that he loves her; she just doesn’t know what to think and expect.

What does Rachel reveal to Susie and Gabby as she comes back the next morning?

As Rachel enters the room, coming back from her overnight, the girls happily welcome her back. The girls ask Rachel what she and Clayton did on their date, making the atmosphere awkward.

Viewers, and the girls, can tell that Rachel isn’t sure how much to reveal about what happened between them. The other girls are obviously uncomfortable as Rachel tells them they went down into a cave.

She even states to Susie and Gabby that “she knows this is really awkward, and I respect you guys so much. I’m sorry.”

Susie is then seen in an off-camera confessional in tears, saying that she has “high hopes, but it seems too good to be true.”

Bachelor production increases tension by housing the women together

All of the women are clearly feeling the tension of having to come home to the other two, trying to balance their own excitement while also being respectful.

The speculation of the unknown clearly starts to get to the women in the house as each of them steps out for their overnight dates.

What will happen in tomorrow’s episode? How will the women’s fantasy suite dates turn out? Will they all still be around for the rose ceremony? These questions and more will be answered on Tuesday and next week during the show’s finale.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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Barbara Orange
Barbara Orange
1 year ago

I’m very proud of Susie as she took her morels & standards instead of being a third notch in Clayton’s life.