The Bachelor preview: Tammy and Mykenna battle for Peter Weber’s attention

Peter Weber
Peter Weber will face more drama with the ladies during Wednesday’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

It’s a special feature for The Bachelor this week as there are two episodes of the show.

While Monday’s episode was a supersized three-hour episode, tonight’s episode is a regular two-hour episode.

The ladies traveled to Costa Rica during Monday’s episode, where Peter had a few dates, but the drama between Kelsey and Tammy took over the last hour of the show.

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Tammy made claims that Kelsey had a drug and alcohol problem, something that the ladies found to be too much.

While Mykenna wasn’t involved in that drama, she does become involved tonight, according to a preview.

The Bachelor’s dramatic confrontation with Tammy and Mykenna

In a Bachelor preview released on Twitter, Tammy and Mykenna are clearly at odds with one another.

And the preview sets it up as if Peter has to choose between them.

The preview doesn’t reveal why these two are at odds, but it could be something in relation to the Kelsey drama and Mykenna possibly speaking out against Tammy.

The preview also hints that Peter will have a two-on-one date with both women, possibly as a way to get to the bottom of what is happening between them.

It’s clear that they don’t get along, but Peter has no desire to date someone who can’t get along with others and respect their opinions.

The Bachelor will finally see more romance

In addition to the drama with Tammy and Mykenna, The Bachelor will finally focus on some romance.

Peter will continue to build on his relationship with Hannah Ann, a woman who has been a frontrunner since the very first day. It was here that she got the first impression rose.

In addition, there will be one group date with Kelsey, Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Kelley, Mykenna, Tammy and Victoria P.

And despite having a one-on-one date with Victoria F for the Chase Rice concert just last week, Peter will have another one with her.

While the ladies haven’t made a comment about all of the time that Victoria F is getting with Peter, some of them may start sharing their thoughts after this second one-on-one date with him, considering there are women who are still fighting to speak with him during every cocktail party.

The Bachelor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on ABC but will return to its regular Monday night slot next week.

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