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The Bachelor: Kaitlyn Bristowe rates Jesse Palmer’s hosting performance

Kaitlyn Bristowe puts her hands up
Kaitlyn Bristowe shares her thoughts on Jesse Palmer’s hosting debut. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 premiere didn’t just introduce a new Bachelor, but also a brand new host. 

Jesse Palmer officially made his hosting debut. While Jesse greatly resembles Clayton Echard physically, his hosting style resembles the long-time host of The Bachelor franchise Chris Harrison. 

The Bachelorette cohost Kaitlyn Bristowe was recently asked to rate Jesse’s hosting performance, considering she and her cohost Tayshia Adams know more than most what it’s like to host within the franchise. 

True to Kaitlyn’s personality, she gave an honest and amusing answer. 

Kaitlyn Bristowe gives Jesse Palmer a high rating 

Amid her travels, Kaitlyn Bristowe took to her Instagram stories to discuss the newest season of The Bachelor with her fans and followers. 

Kaitlyn opened herself up to questions and comments by writing, “Let’s talk about the episode. Twas a doozy.”

One fan commented with curiosity about what Kaitlyn thinks of Jesse Palmer as the host. The fan wrote, “Jesse Palmer’s performance out of 10…and go!” 

Kaitlyn shared a photo of herself in a face mask and responded to the question by writing, “Would have been a 10 if he was hiding in the bushes giving commentary with popcorn. So I’ll give him a 9.5.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe in a mask
Pic credit: @kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

Kaitlyn’s “bushes” comment refers to her and Tayshia’s style of hosting, where they’d often stand somewhere close by The Bachelorette and watch and giggle as the leading lady met her men on opening night. 

Jesse Palmer receiving a 9.5 is certainly high praise, and he seems to have received the seal of approval from Kaitlyn. 

Why aren’t Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams hosting The Bachelor?

When Chris Harrison shocked the world and parted ways with The Bachelor franchise after nearly 20 years, he was replaced by former Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who hosted the last two seasons of The Bachelorette.

Despite having two seasons of hosting under their belt, the franchise chose to switch it up when it came to The Bachelor and hire Jesse Palmer instead of having Kaitlyn and Tayshia host both series. 

When asked about why she won’t be hosting The Bachelor, Kaitlyn seemed to understand the decision, noting that it makes sense for someone who used to be the Bachelor to host the Bachelor. 

Regarding hosting The Bachelor, Kaitlyn told Us Weekly, “We never really thought that would be our position. I mean, we never really thought we’d still be here for a second season hosting. I think it’s cool to have a male that’s been in that position help mentor the lead and say, ‘I’ve been here, I’ve done this, and I’m here to help you.’ So it made sense for me that they got a past Bachelor and also someone that, like, has been in a hosting role before. He’s gonna do a really great job.”

Kaitlyn seems to be loving Jesse Palmer as the host of The Bachelor. How would you rate Jesse Palmer’s hosting performance so far? 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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  1. It makes sense that a male role figure be the host especially for the male bachelor Clayton, as only a male can give sound advice from one male to another male ! I would like to see Jesse Palmer be the permanent host since Chris Harrison is not the host anymore!

    I give Jesse Palmer a lot of credit for doing a great job, he seems mature, compassionate and has a lot of class and charisma like Chris Harrison! Jesse Palmer was excellent in hosting last night! Please keep Palmer no more of the silly girlish hosts like Kaitlyan & Tasha. Jesse Palmer is awesome and delivered! 💯💯💯

  2. I really enjoyed Jesse. At first I thought Chris H was back. I have watched both chises since the beginning and honestly, Kaitlin and Tasha are annoying in a sense that they make he show too much about them. I usually fastforward when they start talking. Jesse is a keeper!

  3. I concur. I stopped watching because of th horrible hosting. Same as dancing with the stars. I record it so I can fast forward Tyra’s tirades


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