The Bachelor: Is Genevieve Parisi’s revealing bikini post a sign she’s going to Paradise?

Genevieve Parisi
Genevieve Parisi stuns in a bikini-bod picture on social media. Pic credit: ABC

Genevieve Parisi was known for being a spitfire against the villainous Shanae Ankney on this season of The Bachelor, but she was also sent home by Clayton Echard for not being able to open up to him.

Their controversy started during Shrimpgate, and continued through their two-on-one date with Clayton, where Shanae was finally eliminated. During the Women Tell All, Shanae and Genevieve had words yet again.

What did Genevieve Parisi wear in her most recent Instagram post?

But very recently, Genevieve has taken to her Instagram page to pose in a high-cut, pale yellow bikini and black shades.

Fans want to know if this is foreshadowing a Genevieve sighting on Bachelor in Paradise.

In fact, Genevieve almost teased fans as she captioned her Instagram post by saying, “Trying out my summer uniform.”

She then posted three pictures to go along with her caption, all in the same stunning bikini and showing off her amazing, athletic body. In the photos, Genevieve is looking off to the side as she poses.

What did Bachelor Nation alums and viewers have to say about her look?

Bachelor Nation alums and fans all took to Instagram to voice their love for Genevieve’s pictures and wondered if this means Paradise is in her future.

The first four women who commented on Genevieve’s photos were girls from the current season of The Bachelor. Susie Evans put two sweating emojis, and Hunter Haag asked, “Where do i sign up to look like this??”

Moreover, Kate Gallivan posted, “And it slaps with a fire flame emoji,” and Sierra Jackzen put, “Yes hun! (with a fire flame emoji).”

Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

Two other viewers hinted at the fact that Genevieve should be going to Paradise this summer, as one stated, “Paradise isn’t ready (fire flame emoji),” and another talked about shipping Genevieve and Aaron, and said, “Aaron just liked it. I ship this.”

Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

Shanae tried to cause yet more drama during the Women Tell All as she threw out that Genevieve and Aaron Clancy hooked recently, but as Aaron cleared the air, this never happened.

Yet another commenter kept up with the Shanae drama, as he wrote, “Shanae wishes she looked like you.”

Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

The ongoing drama between Genevieve and Shanae

Shanae already has beef with Genevieve, as Genevieve was the one who sent her home and continued her date with Clayton on the two-on-one. Because Genevieve wasn’t afraid to call Shanae out, Shanae seemed to have it out for her ever since.

So will Bachelor Nation fans see Genevieve on this summer’s season of Bachelor in Paradise, or is this all a tease? Viewers will find out soon who will be on Paradise and whether or not that cast will include Genevieve.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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