The Bachelor in Paradise alums Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s success story

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin
Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin on how they met and where they are now. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour met on Season 6 of the summer’s season of Bachelor in Paradise. Hannah had just made it to the top three of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor before he sent home Hannah and Tayshia and went after Cassie, and Dylan had been on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette.

How did Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour get to Bachelor in Paradise?

While Hannah went on Bachelor in Paradise, she had been completely blindsided by Colton on his season of The Bachelor, as Cassie had left the show, so it was only Hannah and Tayshia left. However, Colton knew his heart was with Cassie, so he ultimately ended up sending home both Hannah and Tayshia in a huge twist of events. Then Colton quit the show and went after Cassie himself…after that famous wall jump.

For a while it was both Dylan and Blake Horstmann for Hannah

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Hannah and Dylan on Bachelor in Paradise because Hannah just couldn’t decide between Dylan or Blake Horstmann for a hot minute.

Although Hannah made a connection with Dylan, who was so nervous like a little kid when they first talked, she also continued to kiss Blake in front of Dylan, and it messed with his head.

Hannah was also confused about what she wanted. Did she want to continue with Blake? Or did she want to jump the fence and try out a relationship with Dylan?

Hannah finally made up her mind

Ultimately, she chose Dylan, and the two were inseparable once she finally made up her mind and stayed there. Dylan was unbelievably happy and giddy once Hannah chose him exclusively.

The two got closer as the season continued. In the end, Dylan proposed, and Hannah ecstatically said yes.

What did Hannah and Dylan do after Paradise?

Once the newly engaged couple left Paradise, they began a long-distance relationship between L.A. and San Diego. Once the pandemic happened, however, they ended up staying together. It was then they learned more about each other.

For example, Dylan found out how much Hannah liked banana pancakes, and fashionable Hannah realized that Dylan doesn’t have any quakes about eating food that has expired.

Although Dylan proposed in September of 2019, they are still engaged. While they have said that people are constantly asking them when they will finally tie the knot, they have been enjoying each other and currently own a house together.

According to the happy and adorable couple, they have been looking at a spring 2023 wedding date and hope to set an exact date soon.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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