The Bachelor hopeful claims producers ghosted her after asking her to stand up during Zoom call

Caroline Cronin in a blue glittery dress
Caroline Cronin made a Tik Tok video about her experience doing a virtual audition for The Bachelor. Pic credit: @carolcro/Instagram

The Bachelor franchise has received a huge amount of criticism recently for the lack of diversity on the show.

For the majority of the seasons, there have been very few people who aren’t white, and the ones who were cast often didn’t make it past the first couple of weeks.

While race is a hot topic in Bachelor Nation (especially after the firing of host Chris Harrison for his comments), the lack of diversity is not limited to race.

Often, the contestants all seem to look alike, especially the body types on The Bachelorette. It makes one wonder about the criteria for appearing on the show. Fans were given a glimpse of this in a Tik Tok video from Caroline Cronin, a 30-year-old who claims she auditioned for The Bachelor producers via Zoom.

In the video, Caroline, whose Tik Tok username is @carolcro0, revealed she tried out for the show after a producer contacted her on Instagram.

She explains that she thought it would be a good opportunity since she isn’t “the typical beauty standard” that usually appears on the show.

Revealing she’s a size 6-8, Caroline claims she didn’t think this was a big deal since the producers found her through Instagram and she doesn’t filter or change the appearance of her pictures on the platform. In the beginning, she says she was excited because “stuff like this never happens” to her.

Caroline claims she was asked to stand up and step back during Zoom interview

Caroline said she took part in an interview with casting producers via Zoom, however things took an uncomfortable turn. She explained that she was asked to “stand up over zoom” and take a step back.

Unfortunately for Caroline, it was obvious things weren’t going to work. She claims a producer looked at her body and promised to get in touch, though he never did. She said, “they ghosted me like all the other men in my life.”

While the producer never indicated her body was the reason for her not getting cast, Caroline can’t help but believe that had something to do with it, noting it was “disappointing” though she’s not upset about not making it on the show.

Caroline doesn’t believe The Bachelor franchise has enough diverse body types

In her Tik Tok video, she states that she believes The Bachelor franchise has done a good job with diversifying the show, however, she doesn’t feel they ever do this with body types.

Responding to a comment from a viewer of her video who didn’t think The Bachelor franchise would ever feature plus-sized people, Caroline agreed, but also said she had a theory. She said, “They run the risk of showing how shallow the leads and other contestants really are.”

Will Bachelor Nation ever include people of different body types on the show? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24th at 8/7c on ABC.

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