The Bachelor: Haley Ferguson discusses her wedding plans and if she’s moving away

Haley Ferguson
Haley Ferguson talks about her wedding and whether she’s making a big move. Pic credit: ABC

Haley Ferguson, The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum is currently engaged and planning her wedding to Swedish Hockey League star, Oula Palve.

While Haley fought to win the heart of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, alongside her twin sister, Emily Ferguson, neither woman came away with the final rose of that season. Moreover, after going to Bachelor in Paradise for Seasons 3, 4, and 6, Haley again walked away empty-handed.

What does Haley Ferguson have planned for her wedding day and the events leading up to it?

However, it now appears that Haley has found her happily ever after with her fiancé and is currently planning her wedding which will occur later this year.

Haley revealed that her dress for the ceremony has been chosen and is getting altered at the moment, but that she is also getting a second dress custom-made for the reception.

Where are Haley and Oula Palve going to live?

Haley’s hometown is Las Vegas, Nevada, but when asked where she and Oula would live after the duo gets married, Haley shocked viewers by saying they were going to be living in both Vegas and Sweden.

She said that “We are keeping our apartment in Sweden since he signed for 2 more years and we will buy a home in Vegas after we are married.”

Haley and her twin sister, Emily, are getting married the same year and have had similar The Bachelor experiences

It would make sense that the twins would both be getting married in the same year, and both be marrying Swedish hockey players.

However, they will be having separate weddings on different days this summer, but they are planning on doing their bachelorette parties and bridal showers together in their hometown of Vegas. They said the reason for this was because they would be having the same bridal parties so they could plan together for both.

Bachelor Nation fans remember that Haley and Emily were rarely separated when it came to The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. In fact, the only time they weren’t together on either show was when Haley went back without Emily for Season 6 of BIP because Emily was already dating someone by that time.

They were even taken on a 2-on-1 date while on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, where Ben took them to Vegas and to their own mom’s house. While they went together with Ben, they didn’t leave together. Ben ultimately kept Emily and left Haley in Vegas during that date. Although he kept Emily that week, she only made it a few more weeks in the season herself.

Before going on The Bachelor, the twins were going to college to be elementary teachers, but since becoming Bachelor Nation alums, the girls co-host a podcast called Twinning at Life.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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