The Bachelor: Greer Blitzer claps back at Zach Shallcross after belittling her COVID-19 experience

Greer Blitzer on The Bachelor
Greer Blitzer has thrown some subtle shade Zach’s way after Monday night’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

Greer Blizer is here to spill the tea — which we know after Monday’s episode is a sensitive topic for her.

Greer, 24, made her mark during this season’s premiere of The Bachelor when she was chosen to receive Zach Shallcross’ first impression rose.

However, her relationship with the leading man has weakened since the first night, and things took an uncomfortable turn when the cast hit London on Monday night’s episode.

As Zach contracted COVID-19 and the show was forced to have its first-ever virtual cocktail party, Greer took to the tablet to show sympathy toward the leading man’s situation.

However, Zach got increasingly offended as Greer compared her previously getting the virus before the end of a sales quarter to Zach having to put his quest for love on hold for a few days.

Social media was ablaze, with many viewers siding with Greer and saying that Zach was out of line with how he diminished her situation.

We’ve heard from fans, but what did Greer have to say?

Greer Blitzer claps back at Zach Shallcross after Week 5

On Wednesday, two days after the episode aired, Greer took to Instagram with a carousel post containing various shots — starting with a selfie.

The caption, however, was surely the standout of the post.

“Women who care about their careers are hot,” the sales rep wrote.

Although Greer may have been Zach’s initial pick, based on the subtle shade in the post, it can be implied that she will not be his last.

Bachelor Nation supports Greer after her COVID-19 conversation

Fans have been showing support for Greer all week on Twitter, wondering what exactly she said wrong during the virtual conversation.

One even said that “Zach’s response to Greer was so unnecessarily rude and off-putting. RED FLAG!”

As for Greer’s post, the comments section was just as filled with support for the contestant, with one follower writing, “I hate that for you that he twisted your thoughts! You deserve better.”

Other fans labeled Greer’s statement as “facts” and hoped that Zach apologized to her for “minimizing her experience.”

Comments on Greer's Instagram
Pic credit: @cheerio_greerio/Instagram

While he may not have apologized in real-time since the episode’s airing, the situation will most likely be brought up during a conversation on next week’s episode, as Greer was the last one to receive a rose on Monday night.

How far will Greer make it on The Bachelor?

In the newest trailer for the season, Greer is shown walking down a hotel hallway, seemingly upset as Zach stands in the doorway behind her.

And, for loyal Bachelor viewers — that’s never a good sign.

Though it’s unclear if the clip is a preview of her exit, based on the COVID-19 situation and her and Zach’s dwindling flame, it’s pretty obvious that the 24-year-old will be eliminated in the coming weeks.

Greer also isn’t shown spending any one-on-one time with Zach like a few of the other women, so s as if he might let her he gets more serious about getting down on one knee.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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