The Bachelor fans think Clayton Echard is making Susie Evans cry after she shares this toxic trait

Susie Evans
Susie Evans talks about what she does to hide her eyes after crying. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation fans have expressed concern that Clayton Echard may have made Susie Evans cry after she took to social media to complain about her toxic trait.

Susie Evans has made an impression on Bachelor Nation fans and alums over the past month or so, as she went from being sent home by Clayton Echard to moving in with him.

As a season fan-favorite from the very beginning, viewers loved Susie’s genuinely innocent and bubbly personality, as she cried in appreciation when Clayton took her on the Pretty Woman date during her one-on-one.

However, as she handed over an ultimatum to the leading man, he was criticized for gas lighting her by Bachelor Nation alums and fans alike, as he sent her packing. But Clayton chased after her, and despite saying no to his proposal and leaving Clayton alone in Iceland, the two took the stage together and announced their relationship was back on After The Final Rose.

What did Susie Evans post to her Instagram page that have fans talking?

But now fans are taking to Susie’s Instagram to wonder if there is already trouble in paradise with the couple due to Susie’s most recent Instagram post.

Susie can be seen sticking her tongue out at the camera in the sunshine while hiding her eyes with large-framed sunglasses.

While Susie looks content in the photo, her caption might say otherwise, as she reveals what her toxic trait in life is.

She wrote, “My toxic trait is that whenever I cry, I put my sunglasses on and pretend like it’s normal to just continue the conversation.” Because of this comment, Bachelor Nation fans have wondered if maybe it’s Clayton who should be blamed for her tears.

What did fans comment when they saw Susie Evans’s post?

One fan inquired on who might be making Susie cry, as she wrote, “umm who is making you cry queen,” while another made a prediction that it was Clayton who made her cry. That fan posted, “Hopefully not Clayton making you cry (crying face emoji and angry face emoji).”

Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Another viewer immediately thought that Clayton had made Susie cry because he’d done it in the past already. She asked, “Is Clayton already making you cry?”

Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Clayton Echard and Susie are moving forward in their relationship

It seems that while fans were shocked that Susie took Clayton back, they still have a soft spot for her and are protective over her. Not only are Clayton and Susie pursuing their relationship and moving forward, but Clayton has decided to move to her hometown of Virginia Beach so that they can live together.

So are there already troubles between Clayton and Susie, or was Susie simply stating a toxic trait of hers for no real reason but to just tell viewers about it?

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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