The Bachelor doubleheader airs next week — Here’s what fans can expect

Gabi on The Bachelor
Here’s what viewers can expect to see during next week’s episodes of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

While it may seem like the season just started, we’re now getting to the nitty gritty as The Bachelor airs its hometown dates next week.

The hit reality franchise will air on both Monday and Tuesday night next week at 8/7c on ABC.

During the Week 7 episode, which aired on Monday, March 6, things got real as leader Zach Shallcross picked the four women he would be taking on a hometown date.

That’s right — it’s already time for Zach to meet the families, and contestants Charity, Ariel, Kaity, and Gabi will all have the opportunity to bring Zach into their homes to meet the people who raised them.

On the most recent episode, Zach said his hard goodbyes to leading contenders Greer, Brooklyn, and Kat, who all made a memorable splash this season and are sure to keep it going on the upcoming Women Tell All.

Now that the end is in sight, with only hometowns and fantasy suite dates left before the finale, what can fans expect to see?

The Bachelor’s Zach Shallcross will meet families on hometowns next Monday

While the remaining women seemed excited for Zach to meet their families, as many viewers know, the experience has been known to be the demise of couples in previous seasons.

The newest preview for next week’s episode shows that Zach is up against some strict family members. One scene even shows Ariel’s brother asking Zach some simple questions, such as Ariel’s middle name and birthday, and Zach is seemingly unable to answer them.

Charity’s brother also seems very protective of his sister, asking Zach where he’s “at” with the other women in the house.

Kaity’s mom is also shown asking Zach if he is, in fact, falling in love with her daughter.

In true Bachelor fashion, the trailer also shows some of the remaining women shedding a few tears, with frontrunner Gabi claiming to be nervous to tell Zach that she loves him.

Fans also learned about Kaity’s home life during her Week 7 one-on-one, where she told Zach he would not be meeting her father because he walked out on their family when she was a child.

It’s sure to be yet another emotional episode as Zach decides which of the four women he will choose to bring into the fantasy suites the following week — which he has declared will be clear of intimacy.

The Women Tell All will air next Tuesday night

The next night, fans will be in for a treat as the exciting Women Tell All segment will surely air some dirty laundry between the women Zach has sent home this season.

While Zach’s top women seem to have a strong, sisterly bond between them, fans have watched some drama go down in the house since the premiere back in January.

Some hot topics that will most likely be discussed include Christina Mandrell being painted as a villain, Greer’s experience with COVID-19, the feud between Brooklyn and Kat, and Jess’ heartbreaking exit that she admitted left her “blindsided.”

Has Zach found the forever partner he has been searching for all season? Interested fans can click here for season finale spoilers, while others can keep tuning in to be surprised.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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