The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweets ‘historic announcement’ will be coming soon

Mike Fleiss
The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss says a big announcement is coming. Pic credit: ©

Yesterday, Mike Fleiss, creator of The Bachelor, took to his Twitter account to make a tweet regarding a surprise announcement that will reportedly be made soon regarding the hit show.

Fans have shared their dismay over the show in more recent years, from having exclusively tiny, thin-framed women on the show, to needing more diversity, all the way to the leads lacking personality.

This season has been especially hard on the franchise, as fans have been highly critical when it has come to Clayton having little personality. Viewers have also taken particular issue with the rude, condescending remarks from this season’s villain, Shanae Ankney.

The Bachelor fans speculate theories after creator Mike Fleiss teases ‘historic announcement’

Following the post, fans have responded to Mike’s tweet to share their own insights on what might be coming up for the show.

Several theories are currently circulating after the tweet was posted yesterday.

Pic credit: @fleissmeister/Twitter

Predictions vary from who might step up as the next Bachelorette, a potential new host, diversifying body image in contestants, having the first gay Bachelor as the lead, and even a sarcastic tweet regarding the next Bachelor.

One tweet talked about the next possible Bachelor and who that might be. They wrote, “Mara next bachelorette? Lots of screen time sharing how ready she is for marriage.”

Pic credit: @jenbent14/Twitter

Others have speculated on this same topic, throwing out Mara, Susie Evans, Rachel Recchia, Serene Russell, Gabby Windey, Elizabeth Corrigan, and even Shanae’s name as upcoming Bachelorettes.

Another replied to Mike’s tweet by questioning, “Chris is coming back?????? Stopped watching The Bachelorette bc of the girls hosting, ugh.”

Pic credit: @laura711hender/Twitter

Sounds like Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams didn’t do it for this fan during Katie Thurston and Michelle Young’s seasons.

Bachelor Nation fans wonder if there will be a gay Bachelor, if plus-size women will finally be cast

One fan brought in two ideas and stated, “Are we finally letting plus size women on the show, or are we dropping the norm and having our first gay bachelor?! That’d be the only historic unexpected thing that could come out of your mouth.”

Pic credit: @lizbeth4207/Twitter

The loud conversation lately in the Bachelor world has been the size of the women who are cast as contestants. As the show aired, one woman came out and talked about how she was seemingly ghosted because she was a size 6 and not the typical size 0/2.

Also, having the first gay Bachelor on the show would prove as an unexpected and surprising announcement, which this viewer portrayed in her response.

One other fan posted a humorous, but sarcastic reply, as he semi-jokingly asked, “You are going to cast a male lead that has a hint of personality?”

Pic credit: @jasonfein/Twitter

Fans have been super critical of this season’s Bachelor, Clayton Echard, and his overused phrases and, according to fans, boring personality.

Many more viewers, fans, and critics have posted about and commented on their shocks after Mike made this announcement yesterday.

So what will this announcement be from Mike Fleiss? And how soon in the foreseeable future will Bachelor Nation and fans hear what Mike has up his sleeve?

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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