The Bachelor: Chelsea Vaughn spills details on Katie Thurston drama and intense filming

Chelsea Vaughn
Chelsea Vaughn reveals some inside information on filming. Pic credit: @chelseavaughn/Instagram

Chelsea Vaughn is spilling the tea about the filming and editing of the show. 

As a fan of the franchise, Chelsea knew things would be somewhat different than she imagined as she became a contestant on the show.

Without her close friends, family, and access to anything in the outside world, Chelsea found out just how hard the process was. Chelsea talked about how isolating the whole experience was, leaning on the other women. 

While talking about how intense the filming was for the show, she also put in her two cents about her drama with Katie Thurston.

She shared her surprise that Katie Thurston was named The Bachelorette for Season 17 after being a contestant during her season. 

Chelsea made her debut on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and then went on to Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Chelsea Vaughn dishes the dirt on The Bachelor filming and editing

While Chelsea discussed how intense The Bachelor filming was, she was happy with the edit she received on the show.

Chelsea stated during an exclusive interview with Life & Style, “Just being a fan of the show, like obviously, I’m aware that it’s not completely and totally exactly how it appears when it airs. But I think like once you’re actually in there, you realize like, ‘Whoa, like, it’s even more intense than I thought,’ because you’re isolated from your phone and your family and your friends.”

She also declared, “Going through everything together with these people and they’re the only people that you have. I feel like that part was just a really big shock to me because it’s like you come out and you’re like, ‘Nobody understands.’ It’s not like the real world. Like, that’s why we’re all so close.”

Chelsea then discussed how hard it was for her to tap into her emotional side and reveal her feelings. She shared that after the show aired, her friends and family who watched told her that she was exactly the same person inside the house as they knew outside of it.

Chelsea talks about how surprising it was to see Katie Thurston be announced as The Bachelorette

Chelsea gave her opinion, when asked about Katie Thurston getting The Bachelorette gig after Matt’s season. She claimed, “Just like from being a viewer… you think somebody that made it to hometowns or like the top three or something they’re going to choose from these people. So yeah, I think it was surprising to everyone.”

Chelsea then discussed how she believes the show has a secret formula when it comes to choosing the next lead. She wasn’t only surprised by Katie Thurston, but also the Michelle Young choice.

While Chelsea and Katie seemed to have some controversy on the show, she said that they are fine now.

She said, “I honestly feel like the fans and Bachelor Nation was more upset about things than her and I were. It was kind of just more like, some of the choices that she made on the show, are not things that I would’ve done.”

Although Katie and Chelsea were able to overcome their differences, she did say the two will never be best friends.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27th, on ABC.

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