The Bachelor: Brooklyn is ‘overwhelmed’ by fans’ support after sharing abusive past

Brooklyn Willie
Brooklyn reacts to the support she has received since Monday night’s episode. Pic credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Since Monday night’s emotional episode of The Bachelor, contestant Brooklyn Willie has spoken out to show her gratitude for all the support she has received.

While Week 4 may have had its fair share of drama, Brooklyn’s one-on-one date with leading man Zach Shallcross had fans showing up to rally for the contestant.

During the dinner portion of their date, Brooklyn opened up about her emotionally and physically abusive ex-boyfriend, explaining the trauma she felt during and after the six-year-long relationship.

Immediately after the segment aired, fans rushed to social media to show support for Brooklyn, emphasizing how important it is for people to share their stories when it comes to experience with abuse.

On Wednesday, she took to her Instagram Stories to tell her followers that she has been “overwhelmed” by what fans have said, saying she has received an “outpour of love” since the episode aired.

“It does not go unnoticed and it is more appreciated than anyone will ever know,” she continued.

Brooklyn's Instagram Story
Brooklyn shows appreciation for the support she received from fans. Pic credit: @brooklywillie/Instagram

Fans show their support for Brooklyn on The Bachelor

Brooklyn’s date was surely one of the most intimate moments on the show, as she broke down while explaining to Zach how she had once been woken up by cops in the middle of the night after being “knocked out” by her abusive ex-boyfriend.

However, she was able to find the strength and courage to leave the relationship before it got even worse.

The emotional segment had Bachelor Nation rushing in on social media for support, with fans tweeting out comments such as, “I have a lot of concern around trauma dumping and how this franchise uses it – BUT Brooklyn’s bravery and openness is incredible and so important. So many women find themselves in horrible situations and think they’re alone, but they’re not.”

Even the show’s host, Jesse Palmer, made a public statement as the episode aired. “Heartbreaking to hear Brooklyn talk about her past relationship. She is so strong, courageous and deserving of love and happiness,” he wrote.

ABC, both on-air and on social media, also offered the phone number and website for The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

“Tonight’s episode of #TheBachelor covers important topics such as domestic violence and may be triggering for some. Remember that you are not alone and help is available,” the network wrote.

What happens next week on The Bachelor?

According to the Week 5 trailer, things seem to take a sharp turn as the remaining contestants head to London — or, as Zach puts it, the “perfect place to fall in love.”

Gabi appears to have the lucky one-on-one date, and while the girls seem to be having a good time on the group date, the clip switches over to a serious statement from Jesse Palmer.

“Unfortunately, I got some really bad news,” he says.

Many of the girls are seen crying, claiming to not know “where to go from here” and that they “don’t know why this happens.”

The trailer then switches to an emotionally distraught Zach, seemingly isolated over a video call, calling the week “robbed.”

What could it be that has the Season 27 cast so shaken up? The Bachelor fans will have to tune in next Monday night to watch it all unfold.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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