Teresa Giudice planned to bring an envelope for John Fuda at the now-canceled reunion

RHONJ stas Teresa Giudice and John Fuda screenshot
Teresa Giudice wanted to faceoff with John Fuda at the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans were shocked and disappointed at the news that there won’t be a Season 14 reunion, but the cast is not thrilled about it either.

During a recent stint on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Teresa claimed she had plans to bring receipts to the reunion.

The OG said she had an envelope ready for her nemesis, John Fuda, much like he did at the Season 13 reunion.

We still don’t know what was inside John’s manila envelope because it was never opened during his heated exchange with Teresa and her husband, Luis Ruelas.

However, according to Teresa, the contents of her envelope would have been revealed for everyone to see.

It’s unclear what information the OG has dug up this time on John because, last year, she and Luis were accused of contacting his then-imprisoned ex.

Meanwhile, their feud has continued into the new season, with John and his wife, Rachel Fuda, still upset about Teresa calling the dad of three a drug dealer.

They tried to have a sit down in the latest episode but it quickly went left and after Teresa’s recent comment, it’s clear there’s still bad blood between the foursome.

Teresa Giudice had an envelope ready for John Fuda before the canceled RHONJ reunion

Teresa expressed disappointment about the canceled RHONJ reunion during her recent appearance on WWHL, telling host Andy Cohen that she was planning to bring receipts.

“Too bad we weren’t having a reunion ’cause I was gonna bring an envelope, and I was gonna take something out of the envelope,” declared the RHONJ star.

Before that, she also called out John Fuda for accusing Luis of contacting his ex, who was in jail.

“Why would he do that?” questioned Teresa. “They threw the first punch, so I’m gonna finish the fight, trust me!”

Teresa also said she was going to bring the infamous envelope at the WWHL taping but wanted to confirm that the reunion was not happening.

Since that’s confirmed, we might get to see those receipts anyway, as Andy Cohen told the OG, “Maybe we’ll have you back before the end of the season.”

Luis Ruelas celebrates Teresa’s new podcast

Reunion or not, Teresa is staying booked and busy, especially since the future of RHONJ remains unclear.

The mom of four recently announced a new podcast, and her man Luis recently took to Instagram to congratulate his wife and post a snippet of Turning the Tables.

“Incredibly proud of my wife Teresa Giudice on the launch of her new podcast ‘Turning the Tables,'” wrote Luis, who called his wife “an inspiration to women everywhere.”

“Sweetheart I LOVE you so much and so excited for what’s coming next ❤️ you are freaking amazing!!!” he added.

Check out Teresa’s WWHL appearance below.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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