Temptation Island spoiler: Who will be the first to give in to temptation?

Gillian Lieberman, Ash Lameroult, Edgar De Santiago, and Lascelles Largares
Who will be the first to give in to their impulses with all the alluring singles in front of the separated Temptation Island couples? Pic credit: USA Network

Each of the Temptation Island couples had set boundaries regarding what is acceptable behavior with the singles on the island before they separated and took part in the journey.

The couples came to the island because they were at a crossroads in their relationship and needed clarity on their level of commitment to their partner and to see if there was someone else out there who was better for them.

So far, a few of the Tempties have come very close to breaking down the most difficult walls of the people in relationships to make it to the physical contact that would be considered cheating.

Based on the trailer for next week’s episode, at least one of the participants may cross the line. Other separated couples have been building on their relationships with the singles and could hit a tipping point very soon.

Who is most likely to give in to temptation on Temptation Island?

Gillian and Edgar, who are college sweethearts in a relationship for four years, have both come close to at least one of the singles.

Edgar has one admirer, Kryslyn, who plans on turning up her game to get to Edgar’s heart. Edgar has already been upset by the behavior he has seen from Gillian, so there is no telling what a bad bonfire tape might prompt him to do.

Gillian has a major crush on Tommy and said in a preview clip from Temptation Island’s Instagram that she knows they want to kiss each other. But will she give in and potentially damage what she has with Edgar?

Both Edgar and Gillian have a past of cheating on each other.

Lascelles has had several women pining for his attention, and he made it clear that he wants to get to know them individually. That has not stopped him from forming a tight bond with single Trace, who is after his heart.

Ash has said several times that she is a very physical person, and she and her boyfriend Hania agreed that it was okay if kissing happened on the island.

Ash wasted no time getting to that point with Taylor, who thinks Hania doesn’t deserve Ash.

Who is most likely to stay committed to their partners on Temptation Island?

While Hania has said that he too needs physical contact and that he is a very out of sight out of mind person, he consistently has brought up his love for Ash and how he couldn’t picture his life without her.

Iris originally got close to George in the Girl’s Villa and admitted that he checked all of her boxes and had qualities that her partner of five years, Luke, didn’t have.

However, Iris drew the line with George and told him she wanted space from their connection to grow within herself more.

Ashley had an immediate spark with Temptie Blake and even said that he listened and responded to her in the ways she wasn’t getting from Lascelles.

Ashley walked her feelings back and described that her initial attraction was not there anymore.

Luke has been told by several of the girls that he is the hottest guy out of the four. One single, in particular, Emily, has been able to break down his reservations and speak openly with him, which Iris has not been able to do.

Nonetheless, Luke has not acted on his connections and has been reflecting on himself.

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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