Temptation Island returns for a new season filled with flirtation, romance, and heartbreak — Meet the couples

Two contestants crying on Temptation Island.
It isn’t all fun on Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

USA Network’s explosive reality show Temptation Island aims to tempt four couples at a crossroads in their relationships by sending them to Maui, Hawaii, to put their love to the test. The couples will be joined by 24 sexy men and women looking for their own chance at love.

The couples will be separated and taken on a journey into temptation to find out if they want to commit to their partners or leave the island with one of the singles.

The sneak peek for this upcoming season highlighted spicy and heartfelt moments where the participants partied, gave in to their impulses, grew close to the singles, and had moments of both regret and growth.

Emotionally intelligent host Mark L. Walberg will be guiding the couples as they navigate the drama and feelings that will arise as they watch their significant other in action without them.

The four Temptation Island couples will be taken on an eye-opening journey to bring them closer together or affirm their incompatibility as their willpower is put to the test around hot singles vying for their attention.

Take a look at the backgrounds and motivations of the Temptation Island couples this season.

Gillian Lieberman and Edgar De Santiago

Gillian Lieberman and Edgar De Santiago
The youngest couple out of the four hopes to decide if they are meant to be outside college. Pic credit: USA Network

21-year-old Gillian from West Palm Beach, Florida, and 23-year-old Edgar from Indianapolis, Indiana, are college sweethearts who have been together for four years. Edgar attracted Gillian instantly with his old-school charm, but they have both faced trust issues in their relationship.

Although the couple believes they have overcome their missteps, they haven’t been able to shake the uncertainty about their future. Edgar and Gillian hope Temptation Island will determine if they are meant for each other outside of their college bubble.

Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Largares

Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Largares
Ashley and Lascelles have been together the longest and want to determine what’s holding them back. Pic credit: USA Network

26-year-old Ashley and 27-year-old Lascelles are from Queens, New York, and have been dating for seven years. With no ring on her finger, Ashley is wondering what is stopping their relationship from reaching the next level.

The pair admit to being co-dependent, and Lascelles seems willing to do anything to make Ashley happy, even at the expense of his own financial and emotional needs. While Ashley is looking for self-growth on the island, Lascelles hopes they both find some independence, and Ashley learns to appreciate him more. 

Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker

Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker
Ash and Hania are putting their relationship to the test to find out if they weather the future together. Pic credit: USA Network

28-year-old Ash and 30-year-old Hania are from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and initially met through mutual friends which prompted Hania to slide into her DMs afterward. Ash didn’t respond then, but the pair started dating after they matched on a dating app and have been together for a year and a half.

They claim to have instantly fallen for each other and spent over 12 hours on the first date talking about their lives.

They describe themselves as being extremely passionate in their love life and haven’t been able to keep their hands off each other. However, Ash will be moving to Brooklyn, New York, later this year for her job, and they’re unsure if their relationship can withstand the distance. Ash and Hania hope that if they can explore the boundaries and vulnerabilities of Temptation Island before moving, then they can truly reveal if this relationship is meant to be. 

Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger
Four years into the rocky relationship, Iris and Luke are trying to decide if they should stay together. Pic credit: USA Network

26-year-old Iris and 29-year-old Luke are from Seattle, Washington, and met when Iris was dating one of Luke’s friends. However, once she met Luke, Iris broke up with her boyfriend and has been with Luke ever since, but it hasn’t always been smooth.

Luke has been the only guy she has had eyes for over the past four years, but now Iris wonders if he feels the same about her as she has caught him flirting with other girls. They both have jealousy issues that have led Luke to ask for multiple breaks.

After being together for so long, they’re at a crossroads in trying to determine their future and are hoping their time on Temptation Island will put them on the right path.

Previous seasons of Temptation Island have gotten wild

With so much at stake for the Temptation Island couples who have singles ready to shoot their shot, past seasons of Temptation Island have gotten wild and surprising.

Between dramatic threesomes, proposals gone wrong, participants leaving the island alone, and some crazy house parties, the previous seasons of Temptation Island have been highly entertaining.

Temptation Island returns for Season 4 on Wednesday, March 16th at 10/9c on USA Network.

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