Temptation Island fans react to the first episode of Season 4

Temptation Island Season 4 cast
Temptation Island fans shared their opinions on what they’ve seen from Season 4 after the premiere episode. Pic credit: USA Network

Season 4 of USA Network’s hit reality TV show Temptation Island kicked off with viewers getting to meet four new couples at a crossroads and the 24 singles ready to shoot their shot at love with those people in relationships.

Host Mark L. Walberg led the partners through what the process would be like for them, dove into the backgrounds of each relationship, and brought the couples into the first stages of temptation.

Temptation Island fans gushed over their anticipation for what is to come and remarked on some of the more stand-out things that were said about a few of the couples.

Temptation Island fans dished on the premiere episode of Season 4 on social media

The first episode of Temptation Island Season 4 premiered, and excited viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinions of the show.

One fan tweeted a GIF of two women laughing and remarked, “I love to see how these couples lie to each other right before this begins.”

Another person commented on the presentation of the singles as they said, “I have so much secondhand embarrassment during the intro of the singles.”

Another person used a GIF of Brittney Spears giving some side-eye and exclaimed about Iris and Luke’s relationship in all capitals, “UR JEALOUS AND INSECURE SO U START TEXTING OTHER PPL JUST BC MEN FIND HER ATTRACTIVE?!”

Another Temptation Island viewer had a problem with Hania’s behavior in group settings around Ash.

They used a GIF from Euphoria where a character said, “B***h, you better be joking.”

The critic followed that up by questioning, “He introduces you as his friend?”

Temptation Island has historically delivered many surprises

Couples are given a choice at the end of the season to stay with their partners, leave the island with someone new, or leave the island alone. These choices have created high levels of drama, and some surprising decisions have been made.

Crazy house parties, wild hookups, and devasting realizations have been at the forefront of what makes Temptation Island fun for viewers to watch.

Each bonfire with Mark Walberg, the participants are faced with the actions of their partners and, for better or for worse, act on what they saw.

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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