Temptation Island: Erica Washington has confirmed her involvement with a new man

Erica Washington
Erica has stepped out into the public eye with her new man after posting a photo of them together on social media. Pic credit: USA Network

Erica was put through the emotional wringer by her ex-boyfriend Kendal while they were on Season 3 of Temptation Island together. Kendal hooked up with multiple women, was manipulating them the same way Erica described he would do to her, and his motives were selfish and came off as cruel.

Kendal did get called out and ended up being one of the top villains in Temptation Island history. Erica, on the other hand, won overall approval from viewers who just wanted to see her happy and with a good man.

It looks like that good man came around shortly after The Reunion episode in late April 2021, but Erica has not made a public Instagram post about him until now.

Erica Washington is officially in love with her new boyfriend since leaving Temptation Island

Erica showed her new man, whose Instagram handle is @jocool_4, in an Instagram story after The Reunion but did not tag him or put him in her posts.

Flash forward a few months and Erica posted a picture together with the caption, “Love and fly s**t.”

Erica got an outpouring of support on the debut picture with over 5k likes and 120 comments, including comments from her fellow Temptation Island cast members.

Erica’s boyfriend’s name is Jordan Johnson and it appears that the pair are now smitten and in love. Jordan posted a picture of them together just three days ago, perhaps prompting Erica to make her tribute to him.

Before these photos, they had only ever been in each other’s Instagram stories.

Jordan still remains rather mysterious, however, with his profile not giving too much away. In his bio he wrote, “Be cool how you be cool. Be Who You Say You Are. Free Minded Lifestyle.”

Will Temptation Island be back for Season 4?

While there are no official announcements from USA Network as to a premiere date for Season 4 of Temptation Island, there are signs that point to its return.

During the last few episodes of Season 3 of Temptation Island, USA was actively promoting that they were casting and urging interested participants to turn in applications online.

The show grew immensely in popularity and was all filmed during the coronavirus pandemic. It could be that the network is waiting to film until restrictions ease up, or there could even be an imminent premiere date soon.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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