Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout reveals whether there’s a future for Ryan Edwards and son Bentley

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout opens up about Ryan’s arrest and role as a father to Bentley. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout has been very quiet about everything going on in her personal life since Teen Mom OG wrapped. While Maci hasn’t revealed anything in the media, police reports and arrests have told her story. After the show wrapped with Ryan Edwards claiming he was sober with the support of his wife and parents, the news surfaced that he was still struggling with addiction.

Some Teen Mom OG viewers believed that Maci was keeping their son Bentley away from his father. Since viewers had no idea what was happening, it’s clear that it was serious.

But Bookout reveals that Ryan appears to be stepping it up. Maci spoke to US Weekly about their relationship now, revealing that she did try to protect Bentley when Ryan Edwards was arrested.

“Bentley has gotten older and is kind of understanding a little bit more about what’s going on,” Maci explained. “I don’t want to say they’ve gotten closer, but I think that it’s gotten healthier only because I think it relieves some of the pressure from each of them.’

“Bentley was a child, like, wondering what’s really going on. I think if the right steps are taken from here, then it will end up good,” Bookout recently told US Weekly in an exclusive interview ahead of Monday’s premiere of Teen Mom OG on MTV.

“We’ve all been through the ringer in the last couple years, but we’re still co-parenting with them,” Maci said in regard to visitation arrangements for Bentley. “Sometimes we don’t always agree, and we may not be very happy with each other, but at the same time we all respect each other and appreciate our goal.”

“I don’t think that there will ever come a time when we’re unable to co-parent with Jen and Larry. Mainly because we don’t let our feelings get in the way of what’s important and the relationships that are necessary for Bentley to have,” she continued.

Maci doesn’t reveal whether Ryan is sober, but he seems to have come a long way if Bookout sees a positive outcome for them all. Fans will get an update on Ryan’s addiction and rehab issues when the show returns on Monday. It’s possible that some of his troubles will be featured throughout the season.

In April, it was revealed that Taylor McKinney had filed a police report about Ryan’s behavior, claiming he had threatened to kill him.

“He called me on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 and threatened to show up at my house and put a bullet in my head. The police were called and they suggested to seek an order of protection,” Taylor had written in the police reports, adding, “He has a history of drug abuse. He has also said he would show up at our son’s baseball game and confront us (my wife and I.).”

In July of this year, Edwards was charged with simple possession of heroin, proving yet again that the Teen Mom dad has a long way to go as he continues to battle addiction.

Teen Mom OG starts on Monday, October 1 at 9/8c on MTV.