Jenelle Evans acts up at Teen Mom 2 reunion special: Speaks out after saying family is all she needs

Jenelle Evans reunion
Jenelle Evans reportedly acted out during the Teen Mom 2 reunion filming this weekend. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans attended the Teen Mom 2 reunion special this weekend even though David Eason had previously told her that he didn’t want to leave the state to film the reunion special for MTV. Despite David’s wishes, Jenelle kept her commitment to MTV and filmed the show with the producers as expected by her contract.

However, things reportedly didn’t go well for Jenelle, who supposedly stormed off the stage. Apparently, the drama exploded when Jenelle’s husband kept calling her. David isn’t allowed to film for MTV because of his previous homophobic comments, so he was kept behind the scenes.

In addition, Jenelle didn’t want to film with Nathan and Ashley, who were also kept behind the scenes and in different rooms.

“They really tried this year to separate everyone and avoid fights between the cast members. Jenelle was very stressed and having anxiety because David was blowing her phone up,” a source has revealed to Radar Online about the reunion special.

In addition to the drama between the cast members, co-host Nessa asked Jenelle about some controversial tweets she had shared, causing Evans to get angry again.

After the show, Jenelle posted a photo with David and Ensley on what appears to be a green screen at the reunion special. She revealed that family was all she needed and that she had been through so much.

Jenelle pointed to the fact that she had trusted MTV and the Teen Mom 2 crew for years and then felt that they betrayed her. Interestingly, she also thanked her mother for being there for her, as the two have often been on opposite sides of the arguments.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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