Teen Mom viewers drag Briana DeJesus for refusing to sit on stage with Ashley Jones during TMTNC reunion

Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones IG selfies
Briana refused to sit on stage with Ashley during the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 reunion. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus and @ashleysiren/Instagram

Briana DeJesus is under fire from Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers for refusing to take the stage with her castmate, Ashley Jones, during the Season 1 reunion.

Enemies and castmates Briana and Ashley’s beef started when the former Teen Mom 2 stars were involved in a brawl during the taping of Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Briana and Ashley were involved in a scuffle that turned physical. Briana accused Ashley of spitting on her, while Ashley claimed Briana’s mom, Roxanne, threatened to throw a chair at her mom, Pastor Tea.

The brawl got Briana and Ashley sent home early from filming, and MTV’s production crews went on strike as a result.

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 Reunion airs tonight, and a preview clip revealed that Briana refused to sit on stage with Ashley during taping.

“I feel like this setup is not what I want it to be cuz I don’t feel comfortable,” Briana says after executive producer Larry Musnik tells the cast that Ashley would be joining them on stage.

Briana then got up from her seat and went backstage, where she tearfully expressed that she thought she could sit on stage with Ashley, but because of her “major anxiety,” she said she couldn’t go through with it.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers take aim at Briana DeJesus for refusing to sit on stage with Ashley Jones

Teen Mom viewers who watched the clip took aim at Briana, calling her out for being a “bully” and bringing up her past on-stage antics involving her other enemy, Kail Lowry.

“The bully can’t handle being bullied back?” asked one of Briana’s critics, who added, “Stop with the drama. No one is buying your bs act.”

Another referenced when Briana’s sister, Brittany DeJesus, came to her defense and sneak attacked Kail from behind on stage during the Season 8 reunion in 2018. “She doesn’t have [Brittany] there to fight her battles, now she anxious and crying,” they wrote.

teen mom viewers slam briana dejesus for refusing to sit next to ashley jones on the reunion stage
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

Another of Briana’s critics questioned where the same energy she gave Kail was for Ashley, commenting, “She just knows she can’t bully Ashley.”

Pointing out that Briana rolled her eyes at Kail for doing the same thing, yet another Teen Mom viewer called out Briana for “throwing a fit not wanting to be on stage with Ashley.”

Briana DeJesus’ and Ashley Jones’ beef

The dramatic Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2 trailer showed a snippet of the melee between Briana and Ashley. In the clip, Briana could be seen lunging at Ashley, knocking into a light fixture as security crews held her back while she yelled, “I’ll f**king drag you!”

Ashley could be heard screaming, “F**k you!” at Briana, while Roxanne yelled at Pastor Tea, “Your daughter’s a bully!”

When Briana spoke out about the incident in a September 2022 Instagram Story, she denied that she instigated a fight and spilled the news that Ashley was pregnant.

Teen Mom reunions, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinksy and Nessa Diab, always promise plenty of action, so be sure to tune in tonight to catch up on all the drama.

The Season 1 reunion for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesday, December 20 at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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1 year ago

what is Brianna thinking is it the Briana Teen mom family reunion show now no its Teen mom family reunion its not about what you want its about what the viewers want they want drama they want action they want the true not a hillbilly lookin ass bitch Brittany had no right pulling Kailyn down on stage like she did Mtv had a right to fire the Dejuses family they should not have returned either once your cut your cut end of story