Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers react to Cheyenne Floyd’s shooter being a friend of Zach Davis

cheyenne floyd and zach davis of teen mom: the next chapter
Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers reacted to the details of Cheyenne and Zach’s car shooting. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd and her fiance Zach Davis opened up about the details surrounding their car shooting, and Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers are stunned.

The premiere of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter debuted on Tuesday night, and Cheyenne’s storyline was arguably the most somber.

Earlier this summer, Cheyenne revealed that she underwent surgery but didn’t get into details, explaining that they would play out during Teen Mom: The Next Chapter (TMTNC).

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Cheyenne was shot at while driving with Zach. Their kids, Ryder, 5, and Ace, 1, were also in the car at the time.

During Tuesday night’s inaugural episode of TMTNC, Cheyenne and Zach opened up about the harrowing ordeal. Cheyenne explained that she noticed a green beam on Zach’s face, which turned out to coming from a gun.

When Cheyenne looked past the beam, she discovered the person holding the gun was someone she and Zach both knew. “And all of a sudden, you start hearing the shots,” Zach shared.

Cheyenne Floyd, Zach Davis detail harrowing car shooting on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

The shooter fired 13 times at their car, causing the family to crash into another car. Cheyenne noted that police were shocked the entire family survived the shooting.

After sharing their nightmare on TV, TMTNC viewers took to Twitter, where they reacted to the news, and some of them had questions about what went down.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers react to details of Cheyenne and Zach’s car shooting

One TMTNC viewer had questions about the shooter’s motives, especially since they shot 13 times at the car while the kids were in tow, and it was someone they knew.

“Ok Wtf is the full story with Chey & Zach bc a mf bussing at you 13 times with your babies in the car is vengeful,” tweeted one fan who wanted answers.

Another questioned Zach’s lifestyle and seemingly put the blame on him: “So wtf kind of life is Zach living for him to put his family in jeopardy and get shot at 13 times?! Cheyenne, choose wisely…”

teen mom viewers react to cheyenne and zach's car shooting on twitter
Pic credit: @Raee_ofsunshine/@RitaReality88/@siimplysi/Twitter

Yet another TMTNC viewer tried to make sense of the situation in their tweet, which read, “I’m still stuck on this zach and cheyenne situation. like WHAT was the motive? WHY wasn’t there news coverage? sending love and light their way because that’s crazy. God had a protective shield over them that day for sure. bc wow…”

Although the motive for the shooting wasn’t provided, Cheyenne and Zach did show up to the court hearing during the episode, only for the perpetrator to skip out, leaving Cheyenne and Zach defeated and as if they found “zero closure.” More details are set to unfold during Cheyenne’s storyline this season, so stay tuned.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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